6 tips to stop you making a hot mess of your kitchen

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If you are able to structure and organize your kitchen properly, cooking will become effortless and enjoyable. Today we have 6 tips and tricks that will help make the most out of your kitchen space, and keep you calm behind the stove—because we all know meals that are cooked by a stress-free chef always taste better! So let's take a look at how you can unclutter and decorate your kitchen in the best possible way.

1. Keep spices and tools close at hand.

While cooking, you don't want to be running around trying to find the right spatula, pair of scissors, or jar of spice you may need. So a simple trick to make life in the kitchen easier, is to install racks or railings close to your work bench (ideally hanging above, to keep underneath free of clutter). And even better—hang them close to the stove, and within arm's reach, then you are free to focus on the mouthwatering dish you are cooking. 

Here are 10 essential kitchen tools your workspace needs today!

2. Make cooking fun with color.

A kitchen doesn't have to be serious or somber—so if you have a colorful personality, then try to express it in your decor. Buy some bright plates and bowls, or even start a collection of mismatched ones. Keep dining room chairs or kitchen stools colorful and cheerful, and you will enjoy every minute you spend in the kitchen. 

3. Organize like a drill sergeant.

This kitchen cupboard may look a bit too extremely organised for some, but this is one area where the stricter you are, the more you can relax. If you can pull out a drawer or open a cupboard and instantly see what you have and how much of it, then cooking will be a dream. Keep containers uniform in size and clearly labelled. Use bulldog clips or bread ties to shut open bags completely and replace items regularly. 

4. Use the space above your head.

Another great tip is to look up. If you have a stunning kitchen island or open workspace, then think about installing a hanging railing above it. Not only does it provide more storage space, but it's ideal for hanging frequently used pots and pans on for easy access. There are even some railings that store wine glasses for that professional kitchen look, or try hanging herb pots from yours.  

5. Install custom-built cabinets.

Cabinets have never been more important as they are in the kitchen, so it helps if you talk to a carpenter, or kitchen manufacturer to build your own customised cupboards and shelving. They know the usefulness of having corner cupboards, or ones that use the wasted space up high, or can suggest ones with glass doors. They can even build useful plate racks—like in this country style kitchen. 

6. Use quality surfaces, and show them off.

However big your kitchen is you need a decent amount of space to work on. And even more importantly, that surface needs to be durable and kept clean, and clear. There are countless eye-catching materials available today (and suited to every budget) to finish your kitchen with, so simply find one that suits your taste, install it and show it off. 

Keep the area free to make sure your kitchen is versatile and ready to use whenever you need. No one wants to clean up before they start cooking!

What do you think of our kitchen tips? Tell us your comments below!

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