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The box home with a shock inside!

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Modern Houses by Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten Modern
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Take one look at this amazing modern home and you'll be forgiven for assuming that the interior is going to be a Gothic masterclass in how to use black paint and dark wood, but just you wait until you see what it actually looks like! A wonderful collaborative effort between architect and interior designer, we really love how the outside shell is such a dramatically different style than that of the interior and we just know that you'll love the contrast as much as we do. We'll stop teasing now and show you around!

An imposing facade.

You certainly couldn't accuse this house of not having a presence or not being totally unlike anything else in the neighborhood, could you? Modular in design, the house is made up of a number of almost self-contained blocks that appear to have been dropped into place by a magical house-lifting helicopter and let's take a moment to appreciate the materials that have been used. Black concrete and dark wood? YES PLEASE!

From the back!

Well, this home doesn't get any less impressive if you swing around to the back. In fact, if anything, it's even more beautiful and mind-blowing! With barely any opaque structure, with glass being the material of choice back here, we can start to get a feel for the interior and as we said, it really isn't what we imagined. What a box of tricks this is!

Light and bright.

Was it just us that assumed the inside of this black box home would be a little more Gothic and dark in tone or did you think the same? The all-white walls are a surprise, but a very pleasant one and a softer, warmer tone of wood really adds a natural grace that we may not have been anticipating. Of course, the grand piano is black and a bit of a shock, but apart from that, it's shockingly minimal and laid back throughout this open-plan ground floor. 

Take in the view.

When your home looks this amazing both inside and out, of course you would want a viewing platform to drink it all in from! The use of water-clear glass for the safety panels is inspired, as it keeps everything super open and uninterrupted and the wooden walkway just feels like a comfortable old friend. 

A beautiful bathroom.

You might think that it takes a lot to get people excited about bathrooms but when they are well thought out, have a naturally welcoming ambiance and seek to make a purely perfunctory room a bit more of an event, of course it's easy to get excited about them! The use of black wall materials with the natural wood neatly mimics the exterior and draws the house altogether into one cohesive ball and the white suite items and vanity maintain the newness of the wider interior design scheme!

Luxury on tap.

Does every house have a private indoor sauna? No and no that we've seen this one, we're struggling to understand why not! As if the all-white interior design scheme wasn't enough of a jarring surprise, given the Gothic exterior, this sauna has tipped us over the edge. We can't cope anymore and need the keys to this home so that we can move in straight away and distress in the sauna. Please? 

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