26 DIY Tips to improve your home

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Before you even think about starting a new DIY project, it's vital that you read and cast all of these tips to memory, as we know they will save you time and effort! Seriously, even the most DIY-savvy of us can do with some extra help now and then, so we have brought together a fantastic list of 26 hints and hacks that will prevent disappointment or overspending! From amateurs through to professional decorators, nobody knows it all, but you can find out a lot more, right here, right now, so if you're about to beautify your bathroom or add extra cute points to your kitchen, read on and prepare yourself first!

1. Make a proper plan. Don't just dive straight in! Have a budget and a checklist so you can stay on track during a project!

2. Don't wash your brushes all the time. Tightly wrap a plastic bag around rollers and brushes and you'll be able to re-use them for your next coat!

3. Don't leave noisy doors, fix them. If you have a squeaky door, don't just ignore it, as it will drive you mad! Grab some oil and sort it!

4. Use baby oil to get paint off your skin. If you make a mess whilst painting, baby oil will gently but effectively remove any paint from your body.

5. Kill bad paint fumes with a few drops of vanilla. Add some vanilla essence to your tin of paint and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

6. Rub linseed oil on paint spills. Any paint that lands on solid surfaces can be removed with a bit of linseed oil, combined with elbow grease!

7. Double-sided tape works as a rug gripper. Why pay more, when double-sided tape is so cheap?

8. Cut delicate fabrics by dipping scissors into boiling water first. This will stop your blades getting caught!

9. Attach dental floss to a dripping tap. Run the floss into the plughole to quieten a dripping tap, until you have time to fix it properly.

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10. Masking tape makes brilliant stencils. A roll of tape is so cheap that you'd be silly to use anything else!

11. A broom makes a handy and easy stain applicator. You'll cover more ground and far quicker than with a hand-held brush!

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12. Chalk pens are perfect for creating murals on mirrors that can be wiped away whenever you want!

13. Place a paper plate under your paint tins to prevent drips spoiling your floor. So simple, but effective!

14. Hide scratches on dark wood with shoe polish or dark coffee. Simply rub them in and watch the stain disappear!

15. Add a drop of clear nail varnish to screw heads to keep them tight.

16. Use heatproof paint to give old radiators a new lease of life. You can even get aerosol versions!

17. Rub nail tips with a little soap to make them knock in easier.

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18. Add a couple of drops of water to a wood dent, then cover with grease-proof paper and iron. It'll pop right out!

19. Add some Methylated spirits to your paint, to make it last longer in the tin. You'll only need a few drops.

20. Safety first! Turn off all electrics, regardless of what you're doing! You really don't want a shock!

21. Keep a torch somewhere handy, for when a power cut hits.

22. A spring-powered rodent trap makes a great automatic door shutter, if you mount it on the back!

23. Balled-up newspaper dipped in vinegar and ash will make wood burner glass good as new, with a bit of scrubbing.

24. Re-purpose old cooking sauce jars as cute vases. You can literally just paint them with emulsion.

25. Keep felt furniture pads handy for leveling out wonky items.

26. When in doubt, call the professionals out! Know your limits and you'll save yourself a lot of money and heartache!

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Which of these tips can you see coming in handy?

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