16 ideas for decorating your walls with very modern niches!

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Shelves used to be the height of wall decor, but there's a new sheriff in town: wall niches. Ideal for any wall, but especially those that are in small or tight spaces, niches can be used for a myriad of purposes, but always add style while not stealing away any usable space. In areas such as hallways, these really are a blessing, as more often than not, corridors are already narrow or short on room! Come take a look at some amazing wall niches that talented architects have designed and see if you might be tempted to hang up your wall brackets and grab your drill instead. 

The only question that really remains is, what can you do with these niches, once you have them? 

1. Expand a multimedia set-up.

If you love having a big wall of technology in your living room, you could really benefit from adding some niches! Just think about the bonus of having somewhere to always put the remotes!

2. Frame your doorways.

With niches either side of an otherwise uneventful doorway, you can make so much more of transitional areas! These ones look amazing and so stylish thanks to the symmetrical layout!

3. Add a little hallway decoration.

Hallways don't have to be dull or unexciting if you add a wall niche! Pop a little mood lighting in there and some fresh flowers and the space is transformed!

4. Add extra lighting.

With your wall niches in place, just adding a light to each one will make a big change to a room. They really can be purely decorative you know!

5. To make more of dead space.

Who wants entire walls with absolutely nothing on them except paint? Not us! We love the idea of a simple wall niche that runs the width of a wall and makes space for some pretty pebbles!

6. Add easy wall personalization.

Don't you just love this wall niche? Long, lean and just big enough to display some treasured family photos. What a sweet idea and a great way for adding extra wood!

7. To make way for extra windows.

Simple little wall niches that reach the outdoors are ideal for next to an indoor garden, just to ensure your blooms get enough sunlight! They'll light the whole space too though!

8. Add an innovative fireplace location.

Unless you have an inset fireplace, you're not at the cutting edge of home heating! We love these sunken versions that simply fit into a large wall niche effortlessly.

9. House leafy additions.

When you need somewhere to house your plants, to keep them off the floor, a few handy wall niches provide the perfect perching spots.

10. Add handy hallway storage.

When you need somewhere to stow your 'bits and bobs' when you walk in or leave the house, a little storage cupboard or locker would be a great idea, especially if you can sink it into a wall niche.

11. Create definitive art displays.

Got a statement piece of art that you want everyone to sit up and take notice of? Carve a wall niche and pop that beautiful thing in there! Display it in a hallway for maximum appreciation!

12. Introduce an accent material.

If you have a very minimalist home but you are keen to add in a few accent materials, wall niches offer an easy and natural way to do just that. They work especially well with wood!

13. Break up a solid wall.

Sometimes, you don't need a wall niche to do anything more than simply break up a large expanse of wall that feels too solid and heavy. That's absolutely fine and we love the aesthetic it creates!

14. As a handy bookshelf.

In a house full of readers, you can't ever have too many bookshelves, so why not dot wall niches everywhere you can to house treasured tomes that are frequently picked up and re-read!

15. Make a great first impression.

Imagine walking into this home and seeing these wall niches! You'd want some of your own, wouldn't you? Of course you would, because they look stylish and well thought out! What a way to demonstrate your interior design credentials!

16. Break up drab colorways.

We love neutral, even drab color schemes, but it can be nice to add a little fun, just to perk them up a bit. A simple wall niche would help you with that, as you could display pretty flowers that will add just enough brightness to detract from a pale hue!

For more wall ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 ways to add texture to your walls.

Did any of these styles hit the right note with you?

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