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This wonderful home we are to inspect today is situated on a large lot, and is a wonderful brick building that has no coating, with the concrete used as a frame for windows, doors and large spaces that mark the terraces of the house. This masterpiece of modern architecture, which uses materials such as brick, concrete and wood on the outside, has a large presence in the spacious grounds, with an exterior that is a joy to see in these images that homify brings you today.

Come with us to visit this house, a beauty from the architectural design workshop Junor Arquitectos, to see all the details of the garden, pool, terrace and modern sources that are sure to inspire you.

A modern beauty.

The grand entrance of the house is marked with a gray cement frame, between the brick walls. It is a path that leads to the house and is interrupted by clumps of ornamental plants between the trees. The fact that the pathway doesn't lead up to the house in a straightforward line, adds some additional interest to the scene.

A house open to the environment.

From this terrace we show you in the picture above, you can see that this space is more formal, with coated brick and concrete framing the view, unlike the other natural wood structure. The white floors also highlights the warm color of the brick walls.

Perfectly designed garden.

Walking through the garden of the house you can find a space consisting of two volumes of construction, a finely chopped stone floor and amid it all a beautiful, modern fountain with steel edges. This scene is so simple and yet so elegant. To finish off the bottom of this open space, a more formal stone floor and a large window was inserted, which lets you see inside the house.

Outdoor space in wood and brick.

On this terrace with the polished wooden structure, the roof is also covered with this material and ample space connected to the barbecue area. This is surely the ideal place to spend a good time. Garden beds, potted plants and comfortable furniture help create an ideal place to enjoy the surroundings. Situated next to the large pool we see in other pictures, we can see the ultimate in luxury in this construction.

Fusing interior with external environment.

This gathering area could not be more welcoming. With enough tables and chairs to accommodate several people comfortably,  ceiling fans to support the company in the hot summer months, and excellent lighting, this terrace is a perfect social area. The color palette inside has remained neutral, and outside the brick color highlights more defined spaces.

Total harmony.

Brick is the king of these facades, with its natural color, excellent finish and construction of the walls and frames that have been made in cement with gray tone that characterizes excellent design

Make the most of winter.

This space within the garden, next to the pool hosts a grill that is specially treated at a lower level than the floor surrounding the area, where you can sit on a wooden bench to enjoy the fire that lights in the center. 

The pool and its design.

This pool, with water to the top of its edges, seems to be part of the garden, with its geometric design. At right angles, this characteristic of being filled with water completely gives you the style of an infinity pool, although it is not.

This beautiful home is a perfect example of how rustic and contemporary design can be combined effectively, and the results are amazing. Now take a look at these 10 rustic homes that will make your heart beat faster!

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