A home with grandiose proportions

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We always say that size doesn't matter, but then an amazing home pops up on our radar that is stunning, huge and nothing short of impressive and we need to eat our words a little bit! Today's project is exactly one of those and features gorgeous architecture, an eye-catching courtyard and an interior designer-lead layout that will have you not believing your eyes. Each space is more impressive than the last and the result is a home that wouldn't look out of place in any Hollywood movie, so let's take a look at this palatial pad and see if you could picture yourself living here!

A full on facade.

Now this is what you call an impressive architectural first impression! A mix of materials, colors and even styles have all come together to make for a fairly imposing but beautiful facade. We love the way the frontage has been lit too, as it draws attention to the flecks in the stone wall, the height of the unusual black section and the warmth of the natural wood front door. Divine!

At the back.

While there is demonstrably less to see here, what you can tell is that along with a stunning home, a carefully curated garden has also been created! Checkerboard pathways, neat grass and a lovely electric awning all make the vista here rather pleasant!

Luxury touches.

Of course, keep walking around the outside of this home and you come across a few surprises, with this stunning water feature being chief among them! A modern moat, it really frames the house and with some bright white pebbles in place as well, there is a definite Asian flavor to this styling! 

Central courtyard charm.

We're willing to bet that if you could, you'd have a courtyard with a tree forming the central area of your home! Why wouldn't you , when it looks this beautiful? A lovely way to stay connected to nature whatever room you're in, we really adore this special extra touch!

Celebrity home styling.

We told you that the way this interior has been decorated would amaze you and were we wrong? With a huge open plan section here, the possibilities were almost endless as to the style of decor that could be put in place, but we think this neutral with a touch of turquoise look is absolutely perfect!  Just look at those central pillars though! Wow! What a unique feature that helps to dissect the space into functional areas!

Sleek and modern cooking.

We were half expecting a ridiculously over the top kitchen to be in place here, but the relative simplicity and pared back feel of this space is really beautiful. Lacking nothing in terms of storage, appliances or style, the natural wood and cream color scheme is a total triumph!

Making the most of the space.

We love how even though this is by no means a small home, every pocket of space is being used to good effect, in order to get the most value from it possible. This corner set-up look intriguing and we think we better take a closer look, especially as it is so well lit. It must be something important…

Drinks all round.

Ahhh, a delectable home bar! What a great way to add some fun, extra social potential and adult indulgence to the house! A wall-mounted wine rack is working wonders for storing and displaying countless bottles, while some simple stools really add to the cocktail bar experience!

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Could you happily live in a home like this?

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