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An old and dull bathroom becomes a modern wonder

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Architetto Alberto Colella Modern Bathroom
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Irrespective of the state of a home, hope always blooms when the owner or a designer thinks about creating a new space from the old one. This outdated bathroom too, called out to the architects at ARCHITETTO ALBERTO COLELLA who gave it a due makeover with modern and charming elements. This old bathroom was stuck in the retro age and the new one is such a contemporary, minimalist and soothing delight. Come and have a look at this before and after tour to know more.

Before: outdated and cluttered.

The pink bathroom looked like a bubblegum had exploded all over it. It was a typical throwback of the old days when Italian marble had first made its foray in the global scene in colors that were different from the typically grand white hues that the world was used to. The pedestal sink was without a proper counter and its stalk also ate up a lot of space in this compact room, while a slim shelf stood cluttered under an oval mirror.

Before: old tiling.

The old pink and gray pattern on the tiles were a tad bit busy and made the space seem all the more cluttered. Further, the layout also ensured that the fittings were stuck in odd corners and completely suffocated. The drab fittings needed a desperate update, while the green linoleum flooring required a complete overhaul.

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After: simple and homely design.

With wooden and white elements, the designers have managed to create a whole new look without leaving the classic behind.The modern bathtub is set on a wooden floor that makes it look warm and inviting.

After: a unique look.

The tiles that adorn the knocked down walls of the space for the WC unit and bidet, make for a classic look. The patchwork of monochrome tiles create a whimsical geometrical pattern in this bathroom, while the window brings in sunlight so that the room does not look and feel cluttered in any way.

After: well-equipped space.

This space is now well-equipped space. The sink has been mounted on a bureau that conceals the plumbing within, while the rest of the space has a sleek rendition thanks to the beige tiles and the white fittings.

After: adding a natural character.

The natural character of the space comes through, thanks to the wooden casing which hugs the bathtub and goes on to slide elegantly across the floor.

Before: old floor plan.

The old floor plan of the bathroom shows the uneven and irregular layout that the architects had to work with. It was not possible to shift walls, since the drainage system would be affected. 

After: new floor plan.

You can see how the walls remain unchanged, but the flooring has been revamped to lend the bathroom a refreshing look. The tub area features wood, while the sink, WC and bidet enjoy ceramic tiles.

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