6 Turkish bungalows that anyone can build

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Owning a house is a matter of making a conscious choice to belong to some place. This is an extension of yourself and it should reflect the best aspects of your life as well as your personality. These six bungalows will show you that you can build a compact home that also looks good. The next tour we are taking you on will show you homes that can be built by anyone, anywhere. Come and have a look to get inspired to build your own Turkish-themed bungalow.

1. A concrete home.

Use concrete to create a lofty structure even within a confined and compact space. Concrete is a versatile material that can be painted in varied hues in order to stand out or blend in, depending on your personality and mood. This home can also be created to make a more solid appeal.

2. A wooden home.

Wood is an evergreen material that can create a whimsical home in this kind of setting. This kind of a home can be built on a platform or on stilts so as to make a simple statement with plenty of charm. You can also layer the facade with plenty of textures and different grains of wood. The porch is also an essential part of such a home as it signifies a comfortable and homely setting.

3. A boxed bungalow.

This compact box of a bungalow is easy to create and maintain even as it gives a quaint and cozy look. This kind of a home looks natural in any kind of setting. It has been set on a foundation of concrete with steps that take you directly onto the elevated porch.

4. The amazing edifice.

Who said an edifice should be an overtly posh structure to be built only by the uber rich? This kind of a home will become a testament to your fun-loving and exuberant attitude with its wonderful holiday look, thanks to the clustered setting of the wings of the home and the wrap around porch as well. The slanting roof tops add to the charm. Credit goes to the eco-design experts at AZRA AHŞAP EVLER.

5. An asymmetrical cottage.

This quaint cottage with its broken slanting roof makes for a stylish asymmetrical look that also promotes a whimsical aura. A Mediterranean look comes through with the design of this home, courtesy the white and terracotta combination on its facade. The simple white railing for the fence adds to the country-style charm of the home. This makes it a rather eclectic structure, which is set on a compact piece of land.

6. Rustic farmhouse.

The wooden and straw home here is an interesting structure that exudes rustic charm. This is the perfect farmhouse that creates a lightweight look, which is ideal for those with a fun spirit. The whimsical appeal of this home is reflected through the stenciled art on the borders of its windows and doors.

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