6 amazing alternatives to traditional stone walls

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Stone interior walls look great, there's no denying that they do, but when you fancy something a little bit different, what can you adorn your walls with? If you're drawing a bit of a blank, we are here to show you a handful of wow-factor wall finishes that will turn a nice expanse into something a whole lot more gorgeous and just to be sure that we're showing you tried and tested ideas, we have taken inspiration from some of the top interior designers out there. 

Come take a look at our take on wonderful wall coverings and see if any of them would work in your home!

1. Ceramic tiles.

Perhaps not a modern innovation, ceramic tiles have been covering walls for years now, but with all the different style, textures and colors now available, the possibilities are a whole lot more endless! Essentially, if you can dream it, someone has probably made it, so if a particular 'out there' ceramic tile design has evaded you so far, it might be worthwhile revisiting the idea now!

2. Small mosaic tiles.

If you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a quick and easy wall upgrade, small mosaic tiles could be a great way to go. Available in a myriad of colors and styles, they cover large walls quickly, thanks to the mesh backing and as an added bonus, they always look expensive!

3. Faux stone cladding.

Natural stone walls are amazing, but really do take a lot of work to install in an existing home, so make it easy for yourself and get the look but with less effort! Stone cladding is as easy to apply as tiles, but gives a rugged texture and natural look that will suit any interior design scheme. 

4. Beautiful wallpaper.

Have you noticed how incredible some modern wallpaper designs are now? Long gone are the days when flock was the height of fashion and your only real option, as now, anything goes! You can even get stone and brick effect wallpapers that look so real, you have to touch them to find out that they're paper!

5. Wood cladding.

Wood cladding isn't just for exterior walls and garden sheds, as interior walls come alive when they are covered in it! Just look at the depth of character and natural warmth that this feature wall exudes and you'll see what we mean! It even looks great with wooden flooring, when you could assume that it would look too much. 

6. Decadent marble.

Well, can you go wrong with some marvelous marble? Perfect for adding some unapologetic luxury to your home, marble wall slabs are a fabulous way to totally transform a room, but make sure you've got the budget for this one or you could end up with half a room unfinished!

For more fantastic wall ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 cool niches to add to modern walls.

Which of these materials would you love in your home?

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