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Top 5: home decor tips if you are over 30 years of age to decor errors in the living room

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We have compiled the top 5 articles of the week chosen by you. We had the biggest response regarding the ideabook ''30 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're over 30'', and to be honest, we do a lot of these 'mistakes' ourselves. We also have saving money ideas, wardrobe heaven list and another decor mistake to avoid in the living room. 

Here they are, have a look and if you are inclined to read them, or re-read them, you will find the link to the articles below. Shall we? 

1.) 30 things you shouldn't have in your home if you're over 30

When you grow up, your tastes change and become more mature. This goes for food, music, and activities but it also applies to your home as well. As a teenager you may have had tons of posters of your favorite bands. In college you may have had bean bag chairs  and eclectic furniture in the living room. When you hit your 20s you were trying to be more mature but probably ended up with the same brand furniture store that everyone had because it was the only thing you could afford. But now that you're in your 30s and more established in life it's time to change your decor just as you have changed throughout the years. We give you a list of thirty things that you shouldn't have in your home if you're over thirty. 

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2). 7 ways of saving money when building a new home

Starting a new build project can be a daunting time, especially in terms of budget, but don't let fear stop you from designing and erecting your dream home! We know that costs can run away with you, but we think we've put together a fantastic list of tips that will not only see your budget staying tightly reigned in, but will also minimize the stress of the whole project as well. If you are seriously thinking about building a new home, don't do anything until you've cast these suggestions to memory! 

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3.) 7 common decor errors to avoid

As much as we may want to live in a perfectly designed and perfectly maintained house, there are some common errors that pop up in everyone’s home, whether they are errors regarding decor, color or maintenance. However, with a little guidance these things can easily be put right! We bring you a list of 7 common mistakes made by homeowners—now you can easily rectify yours and enjoy living in a fabulous home! 

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4.) 15 walk-in wardrobes that will make you fall in love

Do you dream of having a spectacular space, dedicated to hanging, displaying and keeping all your treasured shoes and clothes safe? You're not alone, as people all over the world are turning dead space, spare rooms and portions of large bedrooms into walk-in wardrobes that will make your heart sing! We like to think that projects such as these are a lot of fun for interior designers to complete, as it's all about getting the perfect storage, best lighting and the luxurious vibe right and from what we can see, not many of them are coming up short! If you are in the market for a little dressing room inspiration, come and take a look at these amazing examples and see if anything whets your whistle! 

Click here for full ideabook. 

5.) 6 Design errors to avoid in the living room

The living room is the ideal space to meet the needs of your family and suit your own taste, as well as the overall design of the house. There is no doubt that many fall into the trap of traditional designs to impress visitors, while ignoring their own wishes and daily needs to feel comfortable in their home. Indeed, many even fall into the trap of overdoing it with a desire to achieve all of their wishes and visions for the living room at once. This often leads to a result that is far less than elegant.We'll show you 6 wonderful living rooms where the designers have succeeded in avoiding common mistakes that would destroy the look of any room.

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Did you favorite article make it to the top 5? Let us know in the comment section. 
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