15 modern living rooms that will inspire you to change yours

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If you are thinking of hauling over your living room, then take a look at, and be inspired by this collection of 15 incredible ones. Stylistically, they are all quite different, but every one of them is luxurious, glamorous and completely indulgent (but that's what we would expect from a room dedicated to relaxation right?)

So if you've set your sights on upgrading your own cozy den, or even if the thought hadn't crossed your mind, scroll and be ready to be impressed! 

1. A riot of color.

Using whites and grays as a base to add color onto, this living room is jovial, energetic, and optimistic. Limit the bright colors to the accessories (cushion covers, chairs and paintings) and you can add more or take away as you wish.  

You want to see more bright interiors? Then check out this apartment that is a playground for colour.

2. Neutrals done luxuriously.

On the flip side, you don't need bright colors to make an impact. This living room by AAESTUDIO uses only browns, grays, beiges and whites to create a statement of luxury. It's the materials and textures that matter here (leather, thick cotton, ceramic and glass). 

3. Subtle eclecticism.

The furniture and decorations in this living room are not too bright, or over the top, but with everything put together, this room still feels eccentric and bold. It's thanks to the collection of pictures hanging on the wall and the wide striped carpet that set this room apart. Choose a couple of details and put a spin on them. 

4. Impressive proportions.

The huge panels of glass (including that incredible, seemingly floating coffee table) and high ceilings set the scene for this impressive living room. If you are lucky enough to have such a huge space, then make sure your furniture matches, or if not: up size each piece. Couches should be long; carpets wide and paintings huge. 

5. Wood and leather, together.

If you are looking for a classic look, then stick to leather and wood. Leather couches and armchairs will never go out of style, and you can add a touch of playfulness with a piece of timbre as a coffee table. 

6. Celebrating country life.

Built on a huge property in the countryside, this living room celebrates it's down-to-earth, rural setting with plenty of rich wood. If you too have wooden beams and floorboards, please do not try to hide them! Hang many lights around the room to illuminate their beauty instead. 

7. Drawing lines with the decor.

This opulent room by interior decorators LIDER INTERIORES uses curtains to create interest on an otherwise basic wall. The hanging lampshades emphasize the same vertical lines in the drapery and turn this room into a masterpiece of decorating.  

8. A relaxing recess.

A coat of deep rich blue paint and warm lighting turns this awkward nook into a cozy and inviting corner for relaxing in. Your living room doesn't have to be big to be impressive—just think about how to make it magnificent! 

9. Sophisticated shelving.

By simply having shelving set a bit lower down the wall, and running the length of the room, this living room looks exceptional. Of course, having a fireplace built in there doesn't hurt either! The rest of the room is kept simple and quite sparse to focus on that stunning shelf. 

10. Spice it up with red.

This is a living room that has personality and flavor added in the details. Sofas, chairs and the dining table are neutral and classically shaped, and it's the accents of orange, red and wood that give this room life. Add self-made paintings (or a retro-styled coffee table) and you will have a unique look.  

11. Geometric forms.

This artistic living room by architects THE BLUE HOUSE may seem like a whole bunch of shapes thrown together, but its has a recurring theme of geometric forms. From the hanging lights to the coffee table; from the pattern on the carpet to the grid on the windows and also on the bricks, this living room celebrates strong shapes.  

12. Ultra-modern design.

We can't stop looking at those unique coffee tables and the incredible concrete sofas with thick cushions (and also the blocks of bright colors). It may seem like a lot going on in this living room, but because each piece is so sleekly designed and exquisitely made, it's instead a stunning, ultra-modern space. 

13. Flawlessly white.

Using a monochromatic color palette like in this living room by AREA5 ARQUITECTURA SAS is always going to be a strong look. So if you want to go this way, make sure your furniture has a sharp design, and if it's white—keep it spotless and clean! 

14. An Asian influence.

Again, by using neutrals as a base, you can create a strong look in the details and decorations, like this serene Asian-influenced living room. The wallpaper with a pale bamboo design is the perfect accompaniment to the cream and wooden sofa and the Buddha sculpture in the corner completes the look.  

15. Bringing the sunset inside.

If your living room has an amazing natural backdrop like this sunset, then why not integrate those colors into your decor? The design team at JOHN ROBLES ARQUITECTOS have picked out the deep red and midnight blue of the outside environment to bring inside. Be inspired by mother nature and you can't go wrong! 

Did any of these inspire you to change yours? Tell us about it! 

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