How to decorate your dining room using your zodiac sign

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The idea of matching your decor to your personality won't be anything new for most people. And the same goes for using your star sign to influence your style (or wardrobe choices for that matter). Today we are looking at how your particular zodiac sign can influence your dining room decorating, and how you can use your sign to choose the right items that suits you. 

Have a scroll through and see if your sign does in fact represent your taste in colors, textures and shapes. Then afterwards, please go ahead and adjust your decor accordingly—you won't regret it! 

The bold and confident style of Aries.

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table SOAP designs Modern Dining Room
SOAP designs

Venus Boardroom/Dining Table

SOAP designs

Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, an Aries type is assertive, energetic and bold. When choosing furniture to match the natural confidence of an Aries, colors should be bright and vibrant that pack a punch (these brightly colored chairs are perfect for that). 

But intense color isn't the only thing they love: new trends, unconventional design ideas or daring silhouettes are also welcomed with open arms by an Aries. 

Power color: an intense red. 

Earthy tones and romance for Taurus.

A timeless, sensual and rustic style perfectly sums up a Taurus. Wooden furniture is best suited to their luxurious taste and love of fine craftsmanship. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance, a dining room filled with brick, wood, warm lighting (or plenty of candles) is ideal. Antique furniture, or investment pieces are just right for this down-to-earth sign. 

Power color: earthy tones, browns, neutrals. 

Communication is king for Gemini.

Gemini are the champion of communication and this extends to the dining room where lively conversations are the focus. The best furniture to suit a Gemini with a dual like nature is something eclectic—a dining room table with glass, metal and wood all together. Favor classic shapes and you will get it right, and try to fill the room with books, or information to stimulate the ever-active brain of a Gemini. 

Power colors: Vibrant yellows, orange, and magenta.

Cancer keeps it classic.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer favors more feminine and classic furniture. Balance is important to a Cancer, and they tend to take less style risks. Vintage furniture and timeless pieces that have a delicacy or sentimentality to them are best suited for a dining room belonging to a Cancer type. Try hanging lampshades that have silver trimmings, or investing in a silver cutlery set.  

Power colors: Light shades like white, silver, and pastels.

Extravagant dining with luscious Leo.

Dining room at the Chester Street House Nash Baker Architects Ltd Classic style dining room
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Dining room at the Chester Street House

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Leos are known for their extravagance, passion and elegant taste. This star sign loves to be the center of attention, and to live in luxury. Elaborate furniture (white is best), rich curtains, plush carpets, open fireplaces, glittering chandeliers—these are the things that would please a Leo. Scented candles and fresh flowers would also be greatly appreciated by this sign. 

Power colors: Red, gold, and black.

The sensible signature style of Virgo.

A virtuous Virgo loves sensible basics. They love them more when they are made well and are in black, white or earthy tones. A minimal aesthetic with few embellishments is perfect for a Virgo. Think polished wooden floor, modern white furniture and one or two statement pieces (lampshades or cushion covers) with a bold pattern like stripes. Neatness and cleanliness are the things to remember here.   

Power colors: Black and white.

Achieving balance with Libra.

Peacefulness, harmony and balance are at the top of the list for a Libra. Ruled by the planet of romance and appearance (Venus), Libra loves luxury, refinement and quality. Furniture made from the best materials combined with soft, luscious fabrics (think silk cushion covers) work best for the sign with the scales. Three words: Basics done well. 

Power colors: Blue and white. 

The dramatic tastes of sexy Scorpio.

Formal Dining Room, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Eclectic style dining room
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Formal Dining Room, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Ruled by Pluto, a Scorpio loves mystery and power. Their daring personality is best expressed in dark and dramatic colors like plums, deep reds, midnight blues and black. Try a heavy dining table made from mahogany alongside old fashioned dining room chairs with red velvet backs. Heavy curtains, oil paintings hanging on dark wall and candles complete the lush look.  

Power colors: Plum, midnight blues, black. 

An uncomplicated life with Sagittarius.

Dining set Deja Ooh Industrial style dining room
Deja Ooh

Dining set

Deja Ooh

Staple pieces that are comfortable and timeless are the favorites for a Sagittarius. With Jupiter as their ruler, this sign loves education, expansion and growth, and furniture that is practical and effortless. 

An adventurous Sagittarius doesn't want to be weighted down by unnecessary frills, so stick with simple wooden chairs and a matching table. Decorations and embellishments should be in light colors like peach, white and beige. 

Power colors: Purple and pastels.

Classic sophistication for Capricorn.

Capricorns are effortlessly cool. Favoring classic pieces in dark shades and complementary colors, this type loves a good staple. Wooden tables with simple bench seats that are stylish but relaxed are perfect for them. Keep all furniture sophisticated with an eclectic edge, and try out dark stains on wood. 

Power colors: Indigo, green and black. 

The artistic eccentricity of an Aquarius.

Ruled by creative and unusual Uranus, an Aquarius loves to experiment. Mismatched dining room chairs or a reclaimed wooden table suit the eclectic tastes of this sign. Decorations should be unconventional, or in unexpected color combinations. This collection of hanging light bulbs is dramatic and different—just like an Aquarius. Colors should be bright and fun. 

Power colors: Bright colors like electric blues, violet, turquoise and red.  

Living poetically with Pisces.

The dining room of a Pisces should be romantic, expressive, feminine with a touch of glamour. Ruled by Neptune—the planet of the creative arts, this fish sign embraces mystery, poetry and spirituality. Try sanding back walls for a textured look, or using stained timber for the table and chairs for an interesting and sensitive color palette. Wild flowers top it all off. 

Power colors: Pastels like lavender, pale green, pink, and light blue.

Does your star sign style represent you? Tell us about it below

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