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Moderner Holzhaus Bausatz: "KUBU", THULE Blockhaus GmbH - Ihr Fertigbausatz für ein Holzhaus THULE Blockhaus GmbH - Ihr Fertigbausatz für ein Holzhaus Single family home
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With pre-fabricated and modular homes becoming increasingly popular in the modern world, here is a refreshing cube design in pre-fabricated houses that takes micro-homes to another level of stylishness – Kubu! The Kubu house is small but trendy and classy—ideal for a couple and perfect for all seasons created by Home Builders at THULE BLOCKHAUS. Let’s explore the various facets of this intriguing home!

​Sleek and modern facade.

This inspirational facade showcases a brilliant use of windows that extend from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, and are encased within a laminated wooden veneer. Not only does this create a stylish effect, it also allows a wealth of natural light and fresh air inside the house. We can see the high ceiling of the living space – more than 17 feet!—that gives an illusion of spaciousness within. What a classy utilization of an area measuring just 900 ft²!

​The floor plan.

The nucleus of Kubu house is the 182 ft² of living area that opens out on to the beautiful patio with its spectacular view! The connecting glass door in this open-plan design is ideal since the patio can be included in the living space when there’s a party. The bathroom and kitchenette are neatly tucked behind a well-planned floating staircase and a small loft on the upper floor houses the bedroom area.

​Patio to paradise.

The gorgeous wooden patio offers a breath-taking view of the paradisaical landscape around! Bordering the house on three sides, it adds a substantial 430 ft² to the total area. Thanks to Kubu’s open-plan design, this extra space can be optimally utilized for parties, as well as to make a small garden or to practice yoga or other outdoor pursuits!

​Great value at minimal cost.

One of the main advantages of a pre-fabricated house is its rapid construction, and Kubu is well ahead of the game! A small construction crew of just 4 people can easily build Kubu in just 1 to weeks, and with its simple but elegant cube shape it incurs minimal cost!

​Warm wood for elegant interiors.

Just look at the sophisticated effect of the neat wooden planks – so simple, warm and friendly yet elegant indeed! The white sofa set enhances the trendy and stylish look of the living area. The floating staircase looks airy and light – perfect for a small house.

​An Affordable Beauty

With a cost of just around $45,000 attached to it, Kubu is the way to go! What better investment for a couple looking for small, affordable yet stylish housing?

If you’re looking for a small, affordable home, Kubu is definitely the way to go! A combination of functionality, trendiness and optimal utilization of space – why wait years to build a house? Here is another inspiring story that might interest you - A Contemporary Countryside Retreat in Pennsylvania!

Is Kubu a style option for your next home? 

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