Life hacks: 10 cleaning mistakes to avoid right now

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Cleaning the house is unlikely to be the best part of your week, but what if we told you that you might be doing it all wrong and making MORE work for yourself? You'd feel pretty annoyed, right? Well, there's every chance that you ARE doing some things incorrectly, but in a bid to help you get more out of your home, for less effort, we've taken a look at what professional cleaners say are the most common cleaning errors, in order to fill you in today! Prepare to get better results, with less hassle, as we tell you the top 10 cleaning errors to avoid from now on!

Life hacks: 10 cleaning mistakes to avoid right now

1. Not cleaning your sponges.

Kitchen sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria and all sorts of unhygienic nasties, so avoid spreading them around by blitzing your sponges for a minute of two in the microwave. This will kill everything off and leave you with clean sponges, ready to use!

2. Spraying cleaning products onto delicate surfaces.

Delicate surfaces, such as vintage furniture, usually won't respond well to a good soaking of hardcore cleaning products, so get in the habit of spritzing your cloth and wiping it over tabletops etc, rather than soaking first and trying to wipe up after!

3. Putting your toilet brush straight back into its holder.

NO! You know all the nasty things that will be collecting in the holder for your toilet brush, so be sure to give it a regular clean, pop some bleach in the bottom and clean your brush before putting it back in! You'll thank us in the end!

4. Only doing the basics.

You might think that tackling the basics is better than nothing, but unless you commit to a proper cleaning schedule, all you're really doing is moving the dirt around. Sit down, write out a rota and get the whole household to help. You'll soon see better results!

5. Not reading the instructions on cleaning products.

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Every product is different, so be sure to read all instructions fully, before using anything. Some cleaning products are water activated, for example, but if you don't know that and try using them dry, you might be disappointed by the results, or have to work MUCH harder. 

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6. Washing windows on a hot day.

It might seem like a good idea to clean your windows on a sunny day, so you can see any smears, but the warmer the weather, the quicker you'll have to work to avoid your water drying on the panes before you've polished them properly. Stick to a cooler, dull day, for less elbow grease!

7. Sweeping in straight lines.

If you sweep in straight lines there will always be a patch of dust somewhere, but if you move in an 's' or 'z' formation, you'll have a better chance of getting ever last bit of fluff! Pop on some music and make it more fun and even your waistline will benefit too!

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8. Using too much of a cleaning product.

Modern cleaning products are all pretty strong, so a little can go a long way. It's no joke that less can be more, so only use what you need, or you might end up having to work harder to get rid of the excess and you could damage delicate furniture!

9. Not emptying your vacuum cleaner bag.

Don't wait until your vacuum cleaner is spluttering and not sucking anymore! have a quick check of your bag each week, before you vacuum, to see if the bag needs changing out, otherwise you'll spend twice as long trying to get a clean carpet or you might even end up chugging more dirt back out!

10. Spraying cleaning products onto electrical items.

Liquid and electrical don't mix and that includes cleaning products! Never spray anything directly onto any technology items, as you could get droplets inside that will prevent them working again. Spray products onto cloths and gently wipe over surfaces instead. 

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Have you been making any of these mistakes up to now?

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