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6 easy ways to shape your garden!

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Gardens. They really can have a mind of their own, can't they? It doesn't matter how carefully you plan them, how sure you are that the plants you've chosen will work or how familiar you are with your soil, sometimes they just run amok, which is why you need to shape them! Ask any landscape architect and they'll tell you that effective garden shaping really makes an outdoor space complete and that it isn't that hard to do! With a myriad of techniques to choose from, we know you'll find a shaping style that perfectly suits your space, so to make it even easier for you, we've brought 6 great ideas together for you, right here. Take a look and start planning that finishing touch today!

1. Water works perfectly.

When you want to shape your garden and add in a striking feature, water features are a 'two birds with one stone' solution that you can't afford to overlook! Fountains, ponds and even moats are all a great way to add a little reinforced shape and direct visitors to exactly where you want them.

2. Natural fences are great!

If you fancy something a little more structured in your garden but aren't quite ready to embrace the idea of traditional fencing, which we will come to, a more natural variety might be what you need! Using plants as a border for your garden blurs the line between landscaping and nature and you still get a wonderfully shaped space!

3. Shrubs are great for shapes.

Sometimes, natural shaping techniques can look a little sparse, especially in fall, when all the leaves drop, so why not consider evergreen shrubs that will stay thick, opaque and bushy all year round? When your garden needs shaping, as well as extra privacy, we think this is an idea that's hard to beat!

4. A variety of plant heights does half the work for you!

One level plants look great as garden shapes, but something that works even better is multi-height plants. You can have taller blooms at the back, dictating the shape, with smaller, prettier styles to the front for an aesthetic upgrade.  Now that really is a clever idea!

5. Keep things simple with a path.

Why try to be too clever when you can stick with a tried and tested method for shaping your garden? A path will not only direct your garden effortlessly, it will also be extremely handy, when it comes to having easy access to every facet of your outdoor space. Just imagine how much simpler weeding will be!

6. Traditional fences are a classic for a reason!

Speaking of tried and tested methods, let's not forget the humble, yet effective, traditional garden fence. A simple and easy to erect shaping tool, they really do give your garden a finished look and help to increase your privacy while you're at it! Plus, don't forget that there are hundreds of great styles to choose from! You'll be spoiled for choice!

For more great garden ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 patios that will make you want to update your home.

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