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A cool modern home with an amazing view

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Modern Living Room by LIVE IN Modern
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Substance is always preferable over style. Having something that matters, something that will impact your life in a positive way, is far more crucial than something overtly fancy, that may look good on the outside, but not have as much of an effect on you as a person. However, when you're very lucky, and surrounded by brilliant architects and designers, you may come across something that blends both style and substance so well, that you'll get something that transcends all those categories. 

The home that we will be looking at today, does just that, managing to have a sleek and very modern outer shell, with a warm and pleasant interior, bringing cosiness and peace to your mind every time you come home. This is mainly achieved thanks to the modern style, which has proven in the past to be very adaptable, and in the right hands can offer up something that astounds.

With it's sleek design and warm and welcoming colours and items, this two story home will offer up not only a great place to sleep, but a great place to live, unpacking your life and starting a family. All of this is topped off, by an amazing view that will be a treat to wake up to.

A living room that reaches out

An issue that sometimes pops up when working with modern interiors is that they ignore, or in other ways don't match up to the world around them. This is a common misstep, as some people think that modern means anti-nature. However, this is not the case, as can be seen in this living room.

The interior trades on soft and muted colours, offering up a soothing experience for those that are looking for one. All of the furniture follows this neutral rule, yet manages to prevent boredom by using different shade variations, meaning that the room will remain interesting, no matter what. Thanks to this relaxed feel, conversation flows freely here, and you'll find hours lost in great talks with friends and family. Those looking for a great place to read, will find it here, as the two shelves of light in the wall provide the room with plenty of light, late into the night.

And for those that may be interested more in natural lighting, the large garden is just a few steps away, the only real bridge between the two being a minimal, sliding door. This connection to nature is very important, as it bring life to a room, and thanks to the use of neutral colours, the room never clashes with the bright and lively garden. If you're looking for a way to bridge two separate places, this is one way of doing so.

Dining in style

Going for a more modern feel here, the dining room follows the same kind of colour palette, trading in most colour for soft shades of grey and white, letting the outside world paint the room with it's hues. This painting can be seen on the soft curtains, which are tinged with blue thanks to the oncoming dusk.

As said previously, this room goes very modern, best seen in the chairs and table. The seating has a very uniform, yet elegant, design, really only visibly using two pieces to come together, creating a very relaxing place to sit and chat. The table, like the coffee tables in the living room, uses frosted glass to it's advantage, escaping the issue of bringing in too much colour when using a wooden table.

This same frosted glass approach is used for one of the far walls, which acts as a semi-window. This duality, and the intricate design, will inspire plenty of conversation, meaning that you'll never be bored. Instead of having a garden at the edges bringing in life, the dining room substitutes it for a hearty and lively wooden floor, which brings a bit of colour and elegance to the room. If you're looking for a way to spice things up, play around with the set style, to get that proper pop.


While individual rooms are nice, they're also a bit old fashioned. So if possible, and if it blends well with the rest of your style, get yourself a room that can do a bit of everything. This area offers the comfort of a living room, offering solace for book readers, a study, which is lit up enough that you can work as long and as hard as you need. 

Finally, the best part of this room has to be the balcony. While you'll be busy working inside, the outside is a place of rest and relaxation. This calm atmosphere is garunteed by the various modern armchairs, all bent in funny ways, yet still providing maximum comfort. And of course, the fact that it comes with an amazing view doesn't hurt.

A room that manages to multi-task to such a degree is a keeper. It will also help you be more productive, an effect that won't be lost on anyone.

Soothing sleeping

Having an amazing view when you're relaxing is one thing. Waking up to the exact same view, is a whole different experience. if you're itching to trying something like this out, this bedroom set up might be perfect for you. Simply imagine waking up, and walking out onto the balcony, on a famous warm Malaysian morning, taking pleasure in the pink-ish hue of the sky. If this idea has captured your attention, you've come to the right place.

Complimenting the large expanse of nature is the whole tone of the room. Once more, we see the lighter/neutral tones take charge. Just like with the dining room, the floor here is wooden, giving it that spark of life. However, unlike the previous room, the shade here is lighter, so as not to distract too much, and prevent sleep. The shelves and cupboards surrounding the TV compliment the colour, but also light it up to ensure that even in the evening, the room stays fresh.

Just like with previous rooms, the carpet acts as almost a safety blanket, tiring the room together in one great, fuzzy bow, ensuring a sense of security. If you want a killer view, they don't get better than this.

Bright guests

Having company over is a great way of testing out just how good your room is. Guests offer a fresh perspective on things, and let you see your own home through a fresh lense. So when you're having some of your friends or family over for a night or two, why not put them up in really nice looking place?

This room is pretty modern, and immediately conveys a sense of class and comfort. The frosted glass wall is similar to that of the dining room, and despite it being glass, not much travels through the screen, ensuring your guests privacy. The various shades of pillow defy boredom, and even though the floor is the same richness of the dining room, it's surpassed by a huge carpet with an interesting pattern that will delight. 

The shelving follows the rule of the main bedroom and ensures your guests with plenty of space to store their things. Finally, the bed fits well with the rest of the style of the room, not really disrupting anything, or being disrupted by anything, ensuring your guests get a good nights sleep. First impressions are important, so be mindful of making yours.

If you're still looking for further inspiration to figure out some of the details in your new home, this article will definitely help sort things out, as you go down the path of creating the perfect modern home.

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