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The English have a saying: There's never a second chance for a first impression. Indeed, there is a common and shared belief among people that the first impression is what really counts. When it comes to a home, the focus is usually on the first sight of it, which is essential when trying to present your living quarters and yourself in the best possible light. We will focus on the facades of houses that present this very important first impression.

The aim of this article is to study and evaluate different variants of improvements or parts of improvement we can make to beautify the outside of a building and achieve an excellent first impression. Let's review together three cases where we can observe the before and after sides of single facades. 

1. Before: the deterioration of time.

In this first example, the building is in good general condition but it looks at first glance in need of what is colloquially called as a face lift. You can see typical undergrowth on the floor and surrounding land, as well as disuse or temporary abandonment. Consider, then, what actions should be taken, and with what materials, to improve the outward appearance.

After: stopping time.

Abracadabra, and a nice facade appears! Just like that! Without a large investment, but with good ideas these fascinating changes are achieved. The bank, which previously had red porcelain tile, is now fully coated in a stone wall extending across the front, giving the feeling of a base. 

In addition, painted  walls in a light color, combined with beige stones, create a rustic and elegant look at the same time style. The entrance floor was leveled with cement and in place of the earth and weeds, small stones (gravel) now reign. The gravel is perfect for outdoor flooring, because it allows the passage of water and is very durable.

2. Before: a peeling wall.

With some walls, we will always see some deterioration of the paint, either by the passage of time, the work of a bad painter or the use of a low quality product. However it happens, the wall will flake, leaving a shell. This faded or torn painting is generally easily resolved. In the case of this facade, we also see that the gate of the entrance is also unpainted and almost naked, revealing its metallic material. 

After: new paint and beautiful flowers.

A coat of paint does wonders, two hands change the exterior of a home and leave it as new. A quick, economical and effective way to get a radical change. The walls and fences were painted with quality products to continue to face the ravages of sun, wind and temperature changes. On the side, we can see the influence of the green hand of a gardener or landscaper who not only removed the plants but contributed gravel to give a distinct and decorative touch.

3. Before: terrifying cracks.

Cracks or fissures in walls can cause a scare. You may think it's all going to break and collapse at any time. In this facade we can see several that, added to the unpainted wall and poor maintenance, refer to carelessness, inattention and neglect. Repair may seem very difficult and expensive, but according to the greater or lesser severity of the problem, the solution is accessible.

After: as good as new.

With cracks covered and a coat of new paint in soft colors such as cream and yellow, this house looks newly built.

Mosaic tiles creating a small picture is welcoming, and this feature was preserved as it surely is a hallmark of the house. With good ideas, little money and desire, you can reshape and improve the facade of a house or building, leaving it as new. Little touches and details will ensure a good first impression. 

We hope you were as inspired by these facade transformations as we were. Now keep the inspiration going and take a look at these 20 incredible home exteriors!

Which of these transformations do you think was the most profound?

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