A 60's apartment becomes bright and modern

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Manutenzione straordinaria attico anni '60 a Parma, SuMisura SuMisura Modern Living Room White
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The architects from the company, Sumisura Parma, intervened on a building erected in the sixties, which came in the for of a classic apartment with traditional corridor facility. Although this apartment may have been quite progressive and trendy when it was born, the passage of time and the ever-changing nature of design trends soon made this home feel anachronistic and out of place.

At a structural level. there was a slight intervention, aimed mainly to make the living space more functional and with a rational arrangement. As for the final result, we are faced with a pleasant mix of classic and modern styles. Let's discover together the details of this job!

The original space.

Before the renovation, the interiors were quite thoughtful, stylistically speaking, not very bright and, ultimately, a bit 'overwhelming. There was definitely a need of a nice change, to bring back to this house a little 'light and personality!

The project.

From this we can see some of the drawings of the project. In particular, from the central plant we see that there has not been  many changes to the structure of the apartment, and the change took place more in terms of the decor. However, it is undeniable that this house has found a completely new character after the intervention!

Living and dining room.

We begin our tour from the living area, in particular by this airy environment dedicated to the company and to the moments to spend with friends and family. Here, we already see a mix of classic and modern design. The prevailing tone of the furnishings are white and gray, shades which are very current, while the clear marble floor is certainly a legacy of the house before the renovation. A stand out in the whole composition is definitely the chandelier, which is elegant and very scenic.


The lines of the new furniture, such as the unit for the TV, the sofa with its coffee table and the dining table, are clear and simple. This is very characteristic of contemporary design. In a pleasant contrast then, we see in the background antique chairs to remind us that this house has a history which is nice to keep alive.


The kitchen is an explosion of white, bright and perfectly modern! To maintain the link with the past, there is the vintage refrigerator, for the rest of geometry and metal details. The hood and industrial tap are also very beautiful!

The bathrooms.

Warm colors had been chosen for the bathrooms. In a dominating role we can see the dove-white color which is very stylish and trendy in the one bathroom, and in the other it is ivory, a timeless classic. The style of the latter bath is much more quiet than the other, which is loaded with character. Notice the washbasin, which is a masterpiece!

Bedroom transformation.

In the sleeping area we find the same wonderful mix of classic and modern that characterizes the living area. We can see a very appropriate choice of color on the wall headboard of the bed, which provides a very sophisticated atmosphere. To make a note on the vintage features, we must mention the dresser with the gold-framed mirror.

This apartment renovation goes to show that you don't always need to make heavy structural changes to transform your home, in fact, there are many things you can do to renovate your house without any construction. 

Let us know what you thought of this apartment transformation in the comments!

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