20 incredible wall designs for a master bedroom

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20 incredible wall designs for a master bedroom

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The bedroom tends to be the last room that many think about when redecorating since very few people tend to see this space. But that doesn't mean that it should be forgotten, especially the master bedroom! This space is your sanctuary and should be treated as such. The master bedroom should have everything that will make you put you at ease and help you to unwind after a long and stressful day.

One part that many people look over is the bedroom wall, which is a hard space to decorate but definitely adds a lot of character to the room. If you are having a hard time deciding how to decorate your bedroom walls, here are twenty ideas that will help to inspire you to create the room of your dreams.

1. Textured walls with the use of paint.

If you want interesting walls that are fairly easy to create, then adding some texture to your paint is great for you. These textured walls can be achieved a number of ways, most commonly with paint brushes that have different bristles or patterns. The best part about textured walls is that they can painted over and changed very easily to get a completely new look for your bedroom if you have a change of heart down the road. This gorgeous bedroom uses a burnt texture on the walls to give the space dimension and allows the chocolate brown bedspread and white furniture to stand out.

2. Exposed brick is all the rage.

Brick was once very common to build a house, but as times changed this burnt red material has been used for aesthetics. So if you are lucky enough to have exposed brick in your bedroom, then you need to take full advantage of this vintage style. These days, exposed brick has become extremely trendy and can be found in many high end lofts in Brooklyn and London, for example. You can either leave this material in its purest form, as a burnt red, or paint it over to match the rest of the bedroom, as we see here. A simple coat of white paint creates that modern, Scandinavian look that the room is going for.

3. A bold and beautiful bedroom.

Bold personalities tend to gravitate to bold colors, so why not express yourself in your bedroom! You can simply paint one wall a bold color, as we seen in this cobalt blue room, and have many accenting colors in the room to tone it down. This blue room is softened by the white bed and headboard and the warm hardwood floors in the space but the rest of the room is a bright blue that promotes happiness.

4. An elegant neutrality.

If you are verge more on the calm and peaceful personality then neutral colors are perfect for your bedroom. Using earth tones such as a muted green, beige, and cream colors with elegant features will combine the best of both worlds. This tufted beige headboard and the ornate furniture make the room feel very sophisticated and elegant but don't go too far with colors. The muted colors bring peace to the space and to you without sacrificing on style.

5. Encased in wood.

Wood is a great element to use in any part of the home and wood paneling as made a modern comeback. Rich wood colors are great for bringing you a feeling of peace. Wood doesn't only add warmth to a space but it is also a great insulator, meaning that it will keep in the heat in the colder months. Since the wood is taking center stage in your bedroom the rest of pieces in the space can be simple and toned down, as we see here with the white features and linens.

6. The perfect mood lighting.

Since your bedroom is all about creating the right mood to wind down, having many different light sources is good so that it can be adjusted to your needs. This bedroom uses an overhead lamp as well as a clever row of LED lights along the top of the headboard to give you just the perfect about of lighting. The large window next to the bed also provides a lot of natural light during the day, which is proven to be better for the human brain than artificial lighting. These LED lights are a very simple and beautiful way to light your space and also last a lot longer than traditional bulbs.

7. Pad it up.

If the thought of having a traditional headboard on your bed bores you then why not transform the entire wall into your headboard? This bedroom is a great example of a bed that is very simple and sans headboard and then using the wall just behind it to create a soft and plush wall with padded panels. These can be created with any type of fabric that fits your design style and adds a unique feature to your bedroom. The beige padded panels here pull from the rug as well as the beige blanket on the bed, tying the space together.

8. A wall of photos.

Do you love taking your own photos but are running out of space to display them? Create a space in your bedroom to display your favorite photos that you've taken and create a very unique space with minimal effort. All you need is the frames of your choice and high quality prints of your photos to create a stunning collage for your bedroom that can easily be incorporated into the existing design of your space. This bedroom is a great example of this idea, displaying beautiful wildlife photos against a neutral backdrop, allowing the photos to be the focal point of the space.

9. Modern living.

If you like to curl up in bed and enjoy a good movie, then why not incorporate it into the bedroom? Having a TV in the bedroom can be a controversial topic but it can look very beautiful if installed correctly. First, opt for an LCD TV that can be mounted to the wall with the cords hidden, this is key for achieving a clean and sleek look. Then add some character to the space around it with bookshelves, wood paneling, artwork or anything that will fill in the empty space. Then keep the rest of the room fairly minimal and muted so that the space will be a peaceful place to unwind.

10. A pop of color.

If you can't commit to a bright color all over your rooms then opt for a couple of pieces with a bold color. This can be achieved with a piece of furniture, such as an ornate dresser, or the bright and patterned bed linens, or even with a rug or carpet that makes a big statement, as we see here. This bedroom features a plush, burnt orange carpet that adds a pop of color to the room without distracting too much from the very neutral colors in the rest of the space. A couple of burnt orange pillows can be seen on the bed to tie the space together but the rest is very neutral and clean.

11. Bring the outdoors in.

We've talked about using stone or wood in your space to create a peaceful vibe, but why not use both natural elements to further the zen feeling. You can use stone and wood to create a serene atmosphere keeping the colors light and muted. But if you want to go for a modern and trendy vibe, think outside the box and use more eclectic ideas to get a modern feel. This bedroom, for instance, has an entire wall of reclaimed wood that is very in right now alongside a wall of exposed brick that's been painted white. The combination of the two materials and the sleek furniture create a super trendy and modern feel for this beautiful master bedroom.

12. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

If you have a small bedroom that you want to make look bigger, adding a wall of mirrors will do that. It will reflect a lot of natural light and give the room a greater sense of space. Some people think that a wall of mirrors may be a bit tacky but if done correctly it can look very beautiful and elegant. Rather than choose one large panel, opt for smaller panels so that the reflection is a bit divided as well as giving the wall more dimension, as we can see in this bedroom. This idea also goes well with a more vintage or muted design as well, so that the reflection doesn't seem too busy or cluttered.

13. Wallpaper is your best friend.

If you want to get a super intricate and elaborate look to your room with minimal effort, look into the millions of wallpapers that are on the market today. Wallpaper can be found in any color, design, texture, and size you are looking for so it will go perfectly in any room with any design. This bedroom features a modern and geometric pattern for the wallpaper which is reflected in the quilted white bed linens. This room is fairly simple but looks very modern and elegant.

14. Wall decals aren't just for kids.

If you are looking for something that is similar to wallpaper but for just a small section of the wall, why not take a look into wall decals? In the past, decals were usually made for kids rooms so that they can be easily changed when the child grew up and their interests evolved. But these days, there are beautiful and elegant decals that can be incorporated into any room with any style. This beautiful cherry blossom tree decal adds character to the boring beige walls along with a few other pieces in the room. The simple decal completely changes the room and can be changed later on if you decide on a different look.

15. Accessorizing with natural elements.

There are many ways to use natural elements in the home, as we've discussed, and you can incorporate them in many different ways in your space. This bedroom features many different types of wood and stone at various parts of the room to achieve an eclectic and elegant feel. This room has high ceilings with wooden beams and the walls are made of brick, which have been painted over with white paint. The wall behind the headboard as well as the wall with the fireplace is a textured stone that is beige while the fireplace is highlighted with a dark slate band. All of these different elements come together to create a beautiful and elegant bedroom. 

16. Mixing patterns and materials.

Many people say that you can't mix patterns because they tend to clash, but this isn't true if you know how to do it! Mixing patterns and materials is very difficult but the main thing to remember is that the colors in each of these patterns should be the same so that it doesn't confuse the eye. This bedroom features a white and gray mosaic pattern behind the bed, which is beautiful on its own, but to add a unique element, the designer added a piece of patterned wallpaper with the exact same colors as the mosaic. This wallpaper can be seen in the rest of the room and though the materials are very different, it works because they follow the same color palette.

17. Find a middle ground with pastel colors.

If the idea of a neutral color palette bores you but you also don't want a bright colored bedroom, find the middle ground: pastels. Choosing lighter versions of your favorite colors to decorate your bedroom with will create a beautiful space without being too boring or loud. This bedroom uses very soft colors to create an elegant bedroom that is anything but boring. The pastel wall features a few paintings that follow the same color palette, and the bed has a tufted headboard giving the space a Victorian feel. 

18. Create a statement wall.

No matter what design style you are following, you can easily create a statement wall for your bedroom so that your bed really stands out in the space. In the case of this bedroom, different colored panels of wood encase most of the room, along with a different type of hardwood flooring, but the simple bed stands out against a beautiful metal wall, giving the room a very urban feel. The wall consists of four pieces of metal that are all distressed a bit differently but still has the same look overall and gives this space a WOW factor.

19. Simple and serene.

If you want to feel at peace all the time, follow the decorating ideas of classic bed and breakfasts. These rooms feature painting of flowers, plants, or birds, floral patterns, plush blankets and pillows, and muted colors. This bedroom is a great example of a calming bedroom that would make you feel like you're always on vacation. The muted red gives the space color without being too bright and the linens and curtains pull from this color. The cluster of paintings on the wall are very serene and create a homey feel for the space.

20. Create a mix of all of these ideas.

The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating your bedroom is that you are happy with the final result. If that means mixing a few of these ideas to create our own unique space then go ahead! this room features wood paneled walls and a padded headboard with LED lights above and also features an entire wall of bookshelves made of wood. You would think all of this would clash but in reality it looks very beautiful and is completely unique.

Do you have a boring bedroom wall? Get inspired with these 20 ideas!
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