15 planter boxes perfect for pocket-sized gardens

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Are you dreaming of having a garden but don't have the space to build the one you want? Then planter boxes might be just the things to solve all of your gardening woes. Customize  to fit into any corner or nook, planter boxes can be any shape, size, color and style. They are self contained, usually with invisible drainage on the inside, making sure you don't have to worry about cleaning up the mess left after watering.

They can be inserted into concrete edging, ideal to have around a swimming pool, and are the perfect way to use wasted space more effectively. Because the soil is contained within the boxes, you can easily plant trees and larger shrubs without needing to dig a deep garden, or to build a high one up. 

Planter boxes allow you to grow some sort of garden no matter if you have only have space on a windowsill, paved courtyard, city balcony, small terrace, or a tiny backyard. There are some inspirational styles out there, and today we will have a look at 15 of the best. 

1. Building up a boundary.

If you have high fences, or split levels in your backyard, then running a planter box along the bottom of them is a great way to add color while not taking up much space. Use the same material and plant high shrubs to add color in front of the wall. 

2. Inverted garden.

Planter boxes don't always have to sit above the ground. You can also dig a trench running along the fence line, fill it with stones and edge it in concrete like this tropical inspired garden.  

3. Set in stone.

Planting shrubs and bushes in wooden steps or concrete edging is a brilliant way to get the most of out spaces. Using sculptural Topiaries along the edge of a terrace will instantly make your property look more expensive and sophisticated.   

4. Surround the swimming pool.

Using the concrete edging around a swimming pool as planter boxes is another ingenious idea. It effortlessly adds greenery to the patio and can add an extra bit of privacy to the pool area. 

5. Soft seating.

If you have a seated area with a bit of space to spare along the back, then pop some plants in there! Especially if the bench is resting on a wall—put some ivy in there and let it cover the wall, or add a border of bright flowers to frame the outdoor lounge area. 

6. Keeping things mobile.

Having individual planter boxes is a great idea if you want to fit them into an unusually shaped terrace, or like to rearrange your space often. Or if you live in a colder climate, keeping the garden mobile also means you can bring the plants inside to survive the winter. 

7. Use unique materials.

Planter boxes aren't limited to wood, or concrete. Like this beautiful long one, they can be made from bamboo, or made to match your outdoor furniture. Get crafty, get creative and or go colorful and paint your planter boxes bright colors. 

8. Benches and boxes.

A planter box can also double as a cozy and intimate place to sit, just like this beautifully wooden bench. With a couple of tall leafy trees planted in the middle, and enough room to sit on one side, this planter box has suddenly become multi-use.  

9. Changing shapes.

Square shaped planter boxes look fantastic and also work well alternated with short bench spaces in between. This terrace uses the same wood everywhere, creating a strong and stunning look

10. Filling unlikely spots.

These hidden planter boxes run along the edge of the steps, filling an otherwise awkward and unused space with luscious greenery. Dot planter boxes around your property to add life and color. 

11. Making a stylish statement.

Used in elegant seating areas like on this Mediterranean style terrace, planter boxes make great design features and architectural elements. If you have any concrete pillars, or walls, no matter how high, small, low or long, convert them into a space with soil, and fill them with succulents. 

12. Subtly shaped.

To make the skyline on a rooftop even more interesting, why not shape the top of your planter boxes? Instead of thinking straight and boring, work concrete into curves, peaks, or slopes. If you love DIY, then why not add a personalized mosaic as well? 

13. Different textures; different colors.

The different textures of this facade and garden serve as great inspiration. If you are about to buy the concrete mix, then stop and consider using stones, or even bricks to build your planter boxes. The grey of these stones look stunning next to the green flax bushes. If you want more advice on what the best material to use is, then definitely consult a team of landscape architects

14. Mini lemon grove.

Running along the edge of this elevated balcony, and filled with lemon trees, these planter boxes look incredible and inviting. Not only are they great for injecting some beautiful color into the space, but who doesn't want fresh citrus readily available?  

15. Below ground level.

To have a charming garden like this one, you can simple dig trenches and place planter boxes in the ground. No need to spend ages edging the space—the boxes would finish it all off nicely for you. Planter boxes definitely make gardening easy! 

Looking for more inspiration for green spaces? Then check out these 5 ideas for vegetable gardens!

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