7 Feng Shui tricks for a sensational entrance

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Feng shui comes from a Chinese philosophical system for harmonizing oneself with the environment. Using it in your home means that the rooms flow together and create a balanced design. By following a few of their rules you can bring good vibes to your home. Feng shui has five elements; wood, earth, water, fire, and metal. Feng shui uses these to attract energy and create harmony.  We have tricks to make your entrance a place where prosperity and wealth can come inside!

1. Use plants and flowers

Any house looks great with plants and flowers in the front entrance. It's an easy way to make your house look like a home. In feng shui, plants symbolize growth. Colourful flowers representing the five elements bring more energy to your home. Alternatively, have all the flowers one colour. Jasmine blossoms are an ideal choice of course for their fragrance and unity. Beauty and balance at your front entrance will bring joy to everyone coming inside!

2. Use your front door wisely

Doors are the symbolic entrance of energy to your home. Try to open it up at least once a day to invite in fresh air and sunlight. Your front door can reflect the status of your family. If you appear to have prestige and wealth, more with come your way. By changing the pattern of your door you can get better energy in your home! You can refresh any door by adding glass panels, painting over cracks, and fixing hinges.

3. Keep the front entrance separate

Open plan designs are so popular these days. Clear sight lines make a room appear larger . The sense of space they create within is inspiring. Yet in feng shui too much of an open concept can be sinful.

It’s not a good ideas to see the back door of the house, the bathroom, the kitchen, or the bedroom from the front door. You can put up dividers or curtains to create a visual barrier and get better energy in the home.

4. Read up on the bagua map

A bagua map is a fun way to learn some feng shui. Line up the map with your own home according to where the front entrance is. Then use elements in each area as corresponds with the map. The 9 areas represent different parts of your life such as friendship, knowledge, and love.

Imagine that your front entrance falls into the career and work success gua or (box on the bagua grid).  You can decorate with dark blue colours and avoid anything related to the earth element.

Find a bagua map that you like and try to apply it to your home. You can contact a professional on homify if you need some more help!

5. Bright entryway with the right colours

The basic criteria for the front entrance in feng shui is that the area is not dark. Bright neutral colours in good condition are perfect for the front entrance. You can bring more light into the entrance way by using solar garden lamps. Avoid dark colours and be quick to change burnt out lights!

6. Corner or curved entry

In feng shui it's recommended to have a front entrance that isn’t exactly a straight line. Energy can gently enter a home around curves and corners. If there is  a straight line to the front door, bad energy can burst in.

7. Elemental basics

Finally our last tip for you is find opportunity to use the five elements of feng shui. A front door that combines wood and metal is an excellent choice. Stones like granite and marble are also easy ways to decorate according to feng shui. We love this front entrance because it has a quaint mix of all the elements we love in home design.

Thanks for reading our guide to feng shui at your entrance! Check out our feature on eastern design in the home for more inspiration. 

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