7 ideas to upgrade your kitchen on a budget

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We have taken the best tips from talented designers and came up with this ideabook just for you. Why is this such a great ideabook? Because we are giving you 7 tips on how to upgrade your kitchen with little money. Who says that style comes with a price tag? We have all the solutions to beautify your kitchen. Shall we? 

1. Choose practical and functional solutions.

We are fans of the small multi tasking places, not that this kitchen is a small one. But that kitchen island has a sink, a cutting board and a massive countertop space, which we all know it is essential to cooking. What a fantastic, quirky and functional design where you can find three useful items all in one important package. So when it comes to investing in something for your kitchen, you could try and kill three birds with one stone. 

Check this ideabook out: 10 kitchen islands

2. Protect the wall from splashes in style.

This is an easy and budget friendly solution. We have a backplash panel that is easy to install and remove, it is interchangeable if you get tired of the same pattern and it will give your kitchen an instant facelift. 

3. Less is more.

In this example we are looking at shelves instead of cupboards, they are easier to install, they have character, (yes, we said it, shelves can have character, too),  and cost 70% less than standard cupboards. Now, that is a bargain! 

4. Accessorize in style.

Kitchen tools can make or break a kitchen. You don't believe us? Check this example in this magnificent bumblebee colored kitchen, what jumps at you? Even though it is a fabulous modern and frankly a unique kitchen, our eyes focus on that red heart shaped knife holder. Items such as these, useful items of course, will bring out the best out of a room, it is definitely in the details.  

5. Liven it up with plants.

Probably one of the easiest and most beautiful solutions for any room in the house, using plants. Not only do they add color to a place, they actually add life. They improve your air, make you happier and depending on the type of plants you chose, they are hassle free. Seriously, what are you waiting for? 

6. Be creative.

Being creative is definitely a way of not spending money. But what is great about not using money as a solution, is that forces you to think outside the box. In this fine example we see a mix and match of colors, items and appliances. What is brilliant about this is that this mix and match works, hanging your eclectic pots and pans in such a manner, creates a fantastic cozy and definitely artsy wall for your kitchen.

7. A rug for the floor.

Adding a rug to a floor always adds a bit of coziness to a room, even if it helps you when you head to the kitchen barefooted to check what is in the fridge. A rug can come in different materials, colors, textures and patters. It is up to you now to chose something that will compliment your kitchen and preferably something that is easy to clean. 

Did you learn anything from this guide? Tell us about it! 

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