Top 5: from shower boxes to home decor tips on a budget

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This morning we give you the top 5 articles that were chosen by you. If you missed them you can check them here, if you didn't miss them, they are definitely worth a revisit. We have it all. Shower boxes design, bathroom horror stories, a home makeover, and both tips on what not to do in home decor and what to do for little budget. Shall we? 

1.) 9 incredible showers boxes for your bathroom!

The act of showering can be a different subject to people. There are those who can't wait to get in and out of the shower, others that long for that dip in the bathtub, and probably most of us can't really function without a shower in the morning, much like a cup of coffee to wake up. Whatever group you feel like you belong too, it doesn't matter, the bathroom has to be a functional one, especially the shower. There are a myriad of things that have to be right for a really fantastic shower. We have compiled 9 ideas for you to improve that shower experience. 

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2.) 12 home transformations that will leave you breathless.

If you are a regular here at homify, you already know we love before-and-after projects. Nothing quite beats the thrill of seeing an old and outdated apartment or house being transformed into a modern and beautiful living space. Not only is it a treat to see the potential of various homes fully realized, but it also always inspires us to transform our own homes. 

Click here and join us as we revisit these 12 apartments that went from unremarkable spaces to beautiful homes.

3.) 10 bathroom makeovers that will inspire your own!

In the interests of full disclosure, we should tell you that horrific bathrooms really scare us! So often dirty, depressing and downright spooky looking, old fashioned bathing spaces give us the creeps, but we are going to put our fears aside today and show you how some truly ghastly rooms have been renovated to become dreamy home spas! The bathroom designers in charge of these projects really had their work cut out for them, but they have managed the impossible and created such stunning spaces.

Click here and marvel at the gross to gorgeous makeovers!

4.) 13 design mistakes you need to stop making.

Woonhuis Bergen , By Lenny By Lenny Living room

If you love to decorate and want to avoid making some mistakes, then this is definitely the article for you. Decorating your house or apartment can be a daunting job and whilst some people prefer to employ interior designers and decorators, others give it a try themselves. But how do you know which design traps to avoid? 

5.) 33 tips to improve your home with a little money.

Decorating your home does not have to be decided once you move in. Changing the ambiance is proven to make us more prolific workers, whether it be cooking, studying, writing, a comfortable and clean home provides us with inspiration. But a stylish home does something else incredible, it motivates us artistically, it inspires us to work in a less of a chore manner. 

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