7 great ideas to reinvent your bathroom

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The bathroom is a crucial component of any house yet is very often neglected with mediocre tiles and boring fittings. However, there is absolutely no reason why this humble space cannot be transformed into a classy and functional area at a very affordable cost. Whether by changing the sanitary ware or by replacing the materials used to make the walls and floor, there is a vast range of ideas from which to choose! 

Today we will look at 7 simple ways to give your bathroom a makeover within a reasonable budget – and achieve a miraculous result!

1. ​A lick of paint.

Seepage and moisture on the walls must be removed and the walls should be given a fresh coat of paint. You can experiment with different colors and tiles during renovation and ensure that there is adequate ventilation to keep the bathroom fresh and dry.

2. ​Floor fashion.

Bathroom floors are susceptible to losing their shine over a period of time. Accumulation of water in one spot can lead to discoloration as well. However, it may not be necessary to undertake the hassle of completely overhauling the floor. Polishing the floor can work just as well! If you do decide to renovate the floor, vinyl, PVC and wooden veneer are good options. Throw in a bathroom rug as well for added style!

3. ​Mirror decor.

A mirror is such a common feature but always remember that your bathroom mirror can change the entire look of your bathroom. Discard that standard old mirror on your wall and select a snazzy replacement, whether a trendy, futuristic mirror or a colonial style one framed in silver! You can even opt for a composition of mirrors such as the one in this picture!

4. Light up in style.

Replace those boring old bulbs with recessed lights or trendy lamps! With such a variety of lights to choose from, why not illuminate your bathroom in style!

5. ​Wall art.

A bathroom wall need not stand bare. There is minimal cost in arranging your artwork of choice on the wall, be it framed pictures, posters or stickers – and what a dramatic effect it creates!

6. ​Fancy fittings.

Who says bathroom fittings can’t be fashionable? Be it sanitary ware, shower heads or faucets and knobs, just replace the standard model with trendy and stylish designs that will add a dollop of class to your bathroom!

7. ​Tranquility.

The bathroom is a space where we are completely private and where we need to wash away our exhaustion, our worries and our anxieties. In order to facilitate this, the bathroom should always look clean and bright and provide a refreshing environment to lift our spirits!

These 7 simple but effective tips are a foolproof guide to giving your bathroom a trendy makeover within a low budget! Here are some amazing transformation ideas that might interest you - Before and After: 20 Spaces Change Dramatically!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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