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Before and after: 5 house facades that were transformed

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We all know that first impressions are everything, so you have to wonder how these homes were left to get as sad and neglected as they were! Far from looking impressive or welcoming, each one just looks tired and dirty, but with a little help from some talented architects and designers, each one has been restored to more than just its former glory! In fact, we don't think these homes ever looked as good as they do now! If you look at your home and think it could stand to be a little more thought out or beautifully finished, this is the article for you, as you seriously won't believe these transformations!

1. Before: way too much color and degradation.

We're sorry, but does Kermit the Frog live here? That would be the only acceptable excuse for this color scheme and even then it would be pushing it! Too bright, yet also filthy, with a bizarre front garden and awful railings, this facade is a total disaster zone.

1. After: extended and modernized!

Well let's just be honest about it and say that there's nothing left of the original facade here and THANK GOODNESS! This newly modernized, not to mention significantly extended home looks absolutely amazing and we bet it has spurred on some similar projects in the neighborhood!

2. Before: totally abandoned!

We're guessing this used to be some kind of commercial automotive garage at some point, as why else would you leave a courtyard looking so uninspiring and abandoned? With space in short supply in London, this could be a valuable asset, if it looked better!

2. After: adored and adorned!

Woah! Now this is the kind of home we can imagine ourselves having in London! A fresh facade, clean courtyard for parking and perfect lighting have all worked an absolute miracle here! What a cool home that has bag loads of personality! You see what an impact the facade makes now? We actually want to go inside!

3. Before: old fashioned and dull.

While the size of this house is impressive, the old fashioned styling that has tried to capture a feeling of luxury and opulence has fallen more than a little flat! Those columns, as a start, are just awful! Is this the Coliseum? No? Then they don't belong here! 

3. After: totally unrecognizable.

We like the attitude of these owners! If you're going to give your facade a facelift, why not chuck in a pool as well? Amazing! The super clean and smooth lines here are far more modern and make for a really beautiful, minimalist home facade that will be an inspiration to architects for years to come!

4. Before: sad and scary!

In the interests of full disclosure, we should probably admit that we would be unlikely to actually venture into this home, as the facade simply puts us off too much. We'd expect to find a dank, damp and dirty little space that smelt weird and didn't feel safe!

4. After: improved and innovative.

Never mind the amazing extension in place here, it's amazing what some white paint and a sturdy roof can do, don't you agree? We would happily venture inside this home, to drink in all the modern details and to get a better understanding of how the different floor levels work! 

5. Before: not unique.

As home facades go, this one certainly isn't the worst that we have seen, but it is drab. Looming no different to every other home on the street, it certainly doesn't inspire you to think the inside is anything extraordinary either, does it? At least it's clean though!

5. After: one of a kind and fabulous!

Wow! Way to stand out next to your neighbors! With a funky white modular scheme now in place, this whole home looks like the epitome of modern fabulous and can we take a minute to appreciate that garage? With expert lighting added as well, this transformation is amazing!

Is you are in the market for a little more facade inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 Stunning Facades That Are Sure To Impress You.

Did any of these projects inspire you to tackle your own facade?
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