10 simple garden projects to plan now and build in spring

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If you're the outdoorsy type then the cooler months can feel like a real drag. Cooped up inside with nothing to do, the days can feel long and boring, but it's actually the perfect opportunity to start planning some projects for the impending spring. Preparing projects for the garden is a great way to get yourself firmly back into the summer mindset, as you imagine all the wonderful things you can accomplish, and all of the days of fun that lie ahead. Plus it's always good to head into DIY projects with a plan so that you don't just give up halfway through.

Today we're going to look at 10 easy but fun garden projects that you can plan through the winter, and start building when spring returns, and we're sure it's going to brighten your day. Whether it's DIY furniture, fire pits, or more exotic options, there are so many different things you can do that will make a huge impact in the garden, so it's time to get planning before the sun returns!

1. Bamboo planter boxes

Custom planter boxes are a great way to fill in any awkward nooks or crannies in your garden, and the best part is it's super easy. First measure up the area where you want the planter boxes to go, and then plan the shape of your boxes. If you're working from the ground, decided how tall you want the box, although it should be at least 15 centimetres, and then cut a few long sticks of bamboo to size. 

If you are going to attach the boxes to the walls you'll need wood for the bottom, and then you can cut the bamboo horizontally and stack it up. You don't have to use bamboo for this, but its relatively uniform dimensions do make it the perfect material, plus it looks fantastic.

2. An al fresco dining area

Depending on the weather in your town this can be as simple as getting some outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture has advanced in leaps and bounds, and there's really no limit on the style or materials, so you'll be able to find something to suit your taste. 

If you live in an area prone to high winds or heavy rain we highly suggest you protect your dining area with either a sturdy umbrella, or even better, an open air shed like this one. Sheds are easy and fun to build, but if you're feeling a little bit intimidated there's no shame in getting a carpenter on board to do the heavy lifting!

3. Construct a fire pit

If you'd like to give your garden a little bit of romantic ambience then a fire pit is the way to go. Using a hardy material like brick or stone they can be rustic and loose with simply a few stones in a circle preventing the fire from escaping to the rest of your garden, or a little more professional like this fabulous stone pit. 

Either way you'll ensure that you'll never have to take the party inside when the sun sets.

4. A wheelbarrow planter

For a quirky project that looks absolutely charming, consider repurposing an old unused wheelbarrow as a planter box. It will look like a forgotten load of dirt has sprouted into a magical eco-system. 

Super easy to do, requiring no more than a couple of braces to keep the wheelbarrow in place, a load of dirt, and a green thumb, the same principal can also be applied to other unused furniture or tools.

5. Build a tree house

Een huis om van te dromen: de villa in Blaricum, Kabaz Kabaz Rustic style garden

If you have children we suggest that you do this right now before they grow up and you miss your chance! Tree houses are a family favourite, and a great way to busy the kids over the summer months, but while they're locked up inside get them to help you design their dream home in the treetops. 

This way when spring arrives you'll be ready to head into the construction phase and you'll have your own secret hideaway in no time at all.

6. DIY furniture

While we mentioned earlier all the different types of outdoor furniture available, there's nothing more satisfying than building it yourself, and if you want to keep it cheap then recycled materials are your best friend. 

The ubiquitous wooden pallet is probably the simplest item to work with, as they can be easily dissembled and reimagined as fantastic new furniture, or left the way they are and stacked up. Start simple with benches and square tables, but once you get the hang of it the options are endless.

7. Decorate your garden

While we agree that there's no better decorator than nature, that doesn't mean you can't have some fun in your garden! Decorating your garden is the is the perfect use for recycled materials like old birdcages, antique pottery, or really anything that will can stand up to the elements, and that won't break your heart if it ends up ruined by a storm. 

It's also a good opportunity to exercise your creative side, try painting murals on the fences or on large ceramics.

8. Build a wood-fired oven

This will definitely require some planning, but the payoff is more than worth it. The only thing better than wood-fired pizza is making it yourself in your own backyard, so the first thing to do is determine an area where you will be able to fit the oven and a large stockpile of wood, and make sure you've got plenty of space for seating, because you're neighbours are going to come knocking every time that smoke wafts over the garden fence! 

The construction phase will be a little more intensive, but with some expert advice it is possible to build one of these yourself, though it will require a fair amount of heavy lifting so you may want to get the whole family involved.

9. Garden lights

For a magical fairytale look in your garden trying filling mason jars with fairy lights. While fairy lights are fairly delicate, keeping them in mason jars will protect them from the elements and it will look like you've caught fireflies! 

To really maintain the illusion it's a good idea to stick to the battery packs to the lid of the jar so that they are out of sight.

10. A Japanese zen garden

For a truly tranquil experience try building a Japanese zen garden with sand or pebbles, a couple of lanterns, and a bonsai tree. Planning this garden will be as much fun as building it, plus it doubles as a form of meditation, a perfect way to distract yourself through the colder months. And the best part is, if you give up halfway through you still have a sand pit for the kids!

These ideas should keep you more than busy over the winter, and don't forget to tell us all about the results when you're finished! For more inspiring design tips we've got you covered right here.

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