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¡Nuestro pequeño apartamento se convirtió en un lujoso hogar!, iloftyou iloftyou
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Often, to change the look and feel of a room in your house needs just a bit of creativity and a dash of modern ideas. Be it the bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen, introducing sleek designs, fresh colors or trendy furnishing can make a whole world of difference. And if you are looking for something which requires in-depth knowledge about design or decor, you can always hire and architect or interior designer for the same. Here, we will give you a taste of 20 stunning transformations that will give you tons of ideas for your own makeover project. Let’s begin! 

1. From dull media room to a smart space.

The use of bright white, stylish furniture and a snazzy TV has made the once shabby media room very contemporary and chic.

2. A dated bathroom becomes minimal and chic .

By removing old-fashioned tiles and boring sanitary wares, and introducing soft neutral hues and sleek designs, the bathroom went from drab to fabulous.

3. Boring dining space becomes welcoming.

The colors and furniture in the previously uninspiring dining room was changed to make it brighter and more appealing. Soothing lights add to the charm.

4. A corridor changes magically.

Warm wooden floor, creamy white hues and smart in-built shelves have made the dilapidated corridor inviting and functional.

5. Pretty kitchen renovation.

Sleek cabinets, an abundance of pure white hues, warm wooden elements and beautiful lighting have transformed the gloomy kitchen into a bright and cozy space. Credit goes to the interior designers and decorators at iloftyou.

6. A bare living room goes cozy.

A plush sofa, an elegant rug and cozy touches like cushions and throws can change a bare living room incredibly.

7. Neutral colors do the trick.

The new kitchen with its gray and white color palette looks much neater and smarter than the old one. Sleeker cabinets and a smooth floor do the trick too.

8. From dark to light.

White and yellow walls, warm wooden furniture and oodles of natural light have changed the aura of the dining space magically.

9. Light colors make all the difference.

This small and dark room got a refreshingly bright makeover with the help of white, a larger balcony door and use of glass instead of dark wood.

10. Welcome the island.

By introducing a sleek and modern island, this kitchen became way more functional and convenient.

11. Dilapidated to dashing.

Crumbling walls and peeling paint gave way to a bright white room with neat windows during renovation.

12. Drab to beautiful.

Beautiful furniture, warm hues and cozy materials made the once drab living space inviting and cheerful.

13. An old bathroom gets new life.

Old tiles and boring fixtures were replaced to give the dated bathroom a chic and contemporary makeover.

14. Bring in bright colors.

Introducing vibrant hues can liven up the drabbest or dullest of rooms, as you can see here. Installing modern lights can help as well.

15. Old furniture must go.

By removing old furniture and ushering in sleeker and trendier designs, the kitchen was given a brighter and warmer look and feel.

16. Starting from scratch.

This bare room had oodles of potential, thanks to the large window offering a stunning view. Warm wooden elements, stylish furniture and elegant colors helped it to shine.

17. Magic of high ceilings.

The once decrepit space shines now, thanks to the high ceiling which makes it look airier and brighter. White hues, a gorgeous chandelier and rustic touches add to the beauty.

18. Open up spaces.

By integrating different functional spaces stylishly, removing interior walls and decorating in elegant furniture, interiors can be transformed beautifully.

19. From terrible to wow.

The drab blue tiles and dull flooring were removed along with the outdated sanitary wares to make the old bathroom trendier. A sophisticated white and gray palette, a pretty tub and sleek fixtures now make it a stunner.

20. A shabby bedroom becomes cozy.

A modern bed, soothing and stylish lights, sheer drapes and warm colors have replaced the old-fashioned bed and its drab surroundings to make the bedroom cozy and dreamy.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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