12 beautiful backyard floor decoration ideas

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Backyards are an essential outdoor feature of any home. This is where you get to unwind under the open sky and breathe in fresh air. Children love romping around in backyards, which are great for parties as well. And the flooring of your backyard can make or break the look of your residence especially. 

So check out these 12 brilliant ideas to give your backyard floor the uniqueness it deserves.

1. The one with the wood.

Backyards and wood go together like sugar and milk. Use dark wood to create a beautiful deck where you can spend your evenings relaxing. Pick glossy or matte finish depending on the design of your home.

2. Cobbled style.

Cobblestones are perfect to give your home the look of a quaint marketplace. An added advantage is that the texture helps prevent slipping when it is raining. Ideal for slightly larger than average backyards, cobblestones require less maintenance. This gorgeous backyard was designed by the architects at Azcona Vega Arquitectos.

3. Mix and match.

We love how the designer used two different materials to create this dreamy backyard. Glossy hardwood and white tiles form the perfect combination for a place you can unwind in.

4. Textures and materials.

When trying to separate your backyard and interior, leave some space. Fill it with smooth river stones to create a Zen-like atmosphere right at home. The pebbles in this home keep up the color theme, forming a continuation.

5. Wood and more wood.

If you’re tired of using wood to create a typical backyard design, use an innovative idea like this one. The designers have combined grass and wood to create the perfect area to have a home picnic or an evening stroll.

6. Going industrial.

Are you a minimalist with an industrial style interior decor design? This backyard is just for you! Cement has been used to create a textured floor. Simple sofas and beautiful plants are the only accessories.

7. It’s about the design.

Everything is not what it seems. The designers for this home have used that concept to create a cobbled stone floor using tiles! Not only that, the light wood forms the perfect area for placing yard furniture.

8. Pebbles galore.

Tiles and large stones might not be your choice of material. Loose pebbles can be a great alternative. This home has a little wooden path, surrounded by loose pebble stones. It’s almost as good as walking on the beach.

9. Creating a path.

For larger homes that have a big backyard, this design idea will make perfect sense. You can use tiny pebbles to create a path from the back or front of your home that leads into the woods or the garden. Be sure to place lights to make the path visible at night.

10. Tiled beauty.

Tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Combine different colors and sizes to get a different backyard look. This combination of black and white tiles matches perfectly with the exposed brick wall.

11. Go solo.

This house has a backyard that is only made of cement, with a wooden roof overhead. The simplicity of this design is stunning. We can’t take our eyes off the bare but beautiful surface.

12. Rustic charm.

Forget brick walls, go for brick floors! This exposed brick floor, inlaid with cement offers the perfect rustic charm for your home. Get some wrought iron furniture to finish the look.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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