5 kitchens that truly justify the open theme

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Modern kitchens have come to accommodate their bearings in compact urban living, thanks to the new open theme that can be seen in most newly constructed homes today. It is a luxury to be able to unwind in a space that also includes other areas where your family and friends may be a part of conversations and other tasks. Entertainment and other chores have to find space in these open kitchens even as functionality and fluidity of design are busy thriving. 

Come and have a look at these five kitchens that truly do justice to the open kitchen plan.

1. Multi-purpose island.

While the kitchen here has been stylishly tucked away into a niche corner on one side of the living room, the designers have also ensured that the separating element can be used for varied purposes rather than merely blocking the space. On one hand, the open kitchen has an island that can be used as a cooking and preparing station as conversation and television viewing happen, while the other side doubles up as a breakfast and supper station where everyone can be involved. This makes the open kitchen an important element indeed. Architects at The Chase Architecture designed this beauty. 

2. Symmetry for added beauty.

Functionality and beauty can both be found when symmetry is introduced into a kitchen space. Use a symmetrical approach in terms of colors, cabinets and even counters to ensure that it becomes easier to balance your tasks and accommodate many tasks together without compromising on precision or storage as you navigate the gourmet terrain. This symmetry can also be achieved by the use of materials in the space.

3. Modernity to the rescue.

Remember to use a solid dose of modernity so as to bring out a bold and vibrant look in your open kitchen. Use pops of colors for the accessories as well as the other elements like stools and soft linen. This will lend a lot of character to the space and create an interesting look. Keep the rest of the palette minimal and neat with cabinets on one side and a polished floor underfoot.

4. Try some eclectic magic.

Give into an eclectic feel and bring in some classic elements like this open kitchen. The Mediterranean tiles are a rustic addition to the space while artistic and larger than life domes of yarn act as lamps on top. The cabinets have been kept neutral while retro style furniture can be seen at one end. The textured wall rounds up the look and adds to the style quotient.

5. Attention to detail.

The details are what make the style landscape of any space and the open kitchen is no exception to this rule. As this kitchen shows, you can bring in lamps of varying shapes at varying heights along with solid wooden and glass front cabinets. This kind of a mix and match usually lends a wholesome feel to the open space.

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