The wonder of modern-rustic style in 9 photos

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We feel lucky to have bumped into this marvelous design. An old property who got a modern facelift, designed by Italian based professionals, Viviane Pitrolo Architetto, the team have turned this rural property into a magnificent holiday haven.  For you to see how much planning went into this place: the project was carried out in collaboration with the architect. Francesco Puglisi who was in charge of the architectural design, the agronomist Maria Giardina who was responsible for the design of outdoor spaces, engineer Giorgio Scrofani who handled the structures. Shall we? 

1. Rustic feel

This sitting area is based on both modern and rustic design style. What a mix and match, incredible that it works so naturally. We have the neutrality of the white walls, that perfect beige wood floor, dark colored wooden beams, an old cottage like window, modern furniture and a rustic coffee table. What a magnificent room. We couldn't be more impressed. 

2. A functional rustic dining area

The room is full of texture, neutral colors, and slabs of limestone make up for the wall. The wooden door frame adds a warmth with that dark brown color. We are truly in love with this extremely functional dining area. 

3. The exterior dinning area

What truly amazes us about this property is the mix and match of design styles, we have rustic, modern and touches of industrial. This outside dining area is perfect for the warmer weather days, just one step from the living room, this area is covered with a wicker shelter, comfortable chairs and a table that sits up to 6 people.  

4. The elegant living room

Cozy should always be the word when you think of a living room space. Big and comfy sofas and plenty of space to put your feet up. But that doesn't mean that the room has to lose to style. That coffee table an absolute beauty, a modern and rustic theme of neutral colors and some pops of color infuses the room. A mix and match of furniture and a large cactus completes the look.  

5. A whole in the wall

Another cozy area, feet up or work on, you chose! But there is something spectacular about this space, we can feel our creative juices flowing. Stone walls in light colors makes this space absolutely unique with the use of wall art, that wooden coffee table, and a few ornaments to complete the look, and lets not forget that amazing modern lamp. 

6. More outdoor dining

Back to the rustic roots, we have another dining area, wood stones surrounds this place, a modern wood shelter, olive tree, and even a hammock in the background. You don't really need a lot for this space, just a long table and some chairs will do the trick. 

7. A modern facade

Ok.. wow. It doesn't seem like we are in the same house anymore, or does it?  Every detail was though out, the light pathway, and those big windows that maximizes daylight, but during the night time this space is just as beautiful, with the little details of those floor lights on the stair cases. A minimalist modern style of extreme good taste. 

8. Rustic exterior, modern interior

Without compromising the exterior of this old rustic home, the architects kept the original structure and materials, the stone wall is broken with a dark wood frame, and that wood and clean lines continue inside the house. Wood floors, white walls, neutral colors. 

9. Industrial meets rustic and modern

Another room and we still want to see more. Concrete industrial touches run throughout this room within the floor and the staircase, but the exposed brick wall and the wood furniture give it that rustic feel.

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What did you think of the mix and match styles? Tell us about it! 

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