10 serene and beautiful bathrooms

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The bathroom is a space where we would like the luxury of time, functionality and design. This is the space where we spend some of the most important and crucial moments of our day. So it is imperative to have a soothing and unforgettable style statement here. Check out these 10 bathrooms that will inspire you to create just that!

1. Au naturale!

This bathroom makes use of beautiful natural elements like wood and stone with clear modern style staples, including glass.

2. Cool visuals.

The use of the pebble wallpaper is one that lifts this plain bathroom from an ordinary look to a whole new world of style! The wooden rack defines the contours of the space further.

3. Swirls of style.

The blue wave-like patterns on the bathtub wall make for a stunning statement when combined with the black floor and white fixtures. This bathroom is the brainchild of the interior designers and decorators at Pixers.

4. One with nature.

The designers have managed to create an oasis in this wooden-tiled bathroom, with the bottle green tiles reflecting the natural greenery shining in through the glass walls.

5. Classic patchwork patterns.

The patchwork tiles have been pieced together with just two colors, which helps in creating a balanced look in this neat beige bathroom. The tiles from the wall continue on to the floor for a fluid design.

6. A 3D take.

The three-dimensional embossed roses on this wall make for a pretty and artistic statement, even as the rest of the bathroom retains a sleek and modern look. The designers have taken care to use this art only on a small portion so that it is not overwhelming for the senses.

7. Industrial elements.

The pull out lamps and the sturdy metal elements rub shoulders with the wooden shelves and patterned tiles for a charming look!

8. Oh so cozy!

The rustic meets the blatantly modern in this bathroom. The exposed bricks and the sleek fittings seem to merge well even as the spiffy lighting renders a glow to the space. The wooden floors tie everything in. The wooden beam also adds to the rustic and cozy look here.

9. Spa-like setting.

What is more soothing than being in a spa where you get pampered endlessly? Now, you can have that look in your own home. Take a cue from this spa-like bathroom and its glass dome as well as the wall mounted towel rack. The wooden benches inside also have plenty of space to house people who want to enjoy a sauna session. The stone floors add to the ambient look as the backdrop shows off the skyline!

10. Digitally yours.

The digital prints on these glass tiles ensure that you have an awe-inspiring view as you walk into this bathroom. The rock and water image has been rendered to the glass tiles for an almost real life feel, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and breathless with wonder. The rest of the bathroom has been left stark white and simple in its appeal.

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