Domestic economy: 7 effective ways of saving on electricity bill

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Taking care of your domestic economy is of great importance. This does not merely mean taking care of your bills and expenses, but also knowing when to slow down so that the scarce resources of the environment are not miss-utilized and taken for granted. Due to many evils like global warming, the last decade has seen a rise in awareness and measures that go towards aligning our lifestyle with the ecological good. Let us find out ways in which we can lessen our electricity consumption, and consequently, our energy bills.

1. Encourage natural lighting.

The best way to cut down on your electricity bill is by making use of natural lighting. This can be incorporated into the very design of your home. When you build your home with a profusion of glass walls and clear textures, you are not only creating an avenue for fluid and good looking design, but you are also inviting the precious natural light to be a part of your home so that unnecessarily you do not have to switch on bulbs.

2. Bring on those light hues.

Cream walls and neutral surroundings do more than just look good. These elegant colors can render a sophisticated feel to your home. At the same time, they also ensure that your home attracts less heat—a problem that many home owners face when they are busy painting their walls in bold and dark colors, which attract too much of sun and heat. This will lessen the need for constant air conditioning as well.

3. Create a bright and pleasant appearance.

The appearance of the home also has a bearing on how dark or bright you think it looks. If your home is dirty, you will automatically switch on more lights to brighten up the space. So take time out to wipe down the smallest and largest fixtures of your home to make it look bright. Check out this kitchen for ideas. 

4. Use LED lighting.

LED lighting is subtle and easy on the pocket. This kind of low key lighting has a huge effect on the way your space looks even as it keeps those electricity bills in total control.

5. Use mirrors for depth and light distribution.

It is a well-known fact that a mirror doubles whatever it sees. This holds good for lighting too. Try and place mirrors near your lighting and main areas so that the lighting looks doubled without the extra effort on your electricity. Take a cue from this dining area by the architects at SDPS.

6. Use dimmers to save electricity.

The use of dimmers can lessen the effect of harsh lights when those areas of the home are not in use, even as they create an ambient effect. Don't forget to turn them off completely, when you go to bed!

7. Focused lighting to the rescue.

Use spotlights and focused lighting of low wattage to highlight various nooks and corners. This will lessen the need to switch on the intense lights and will also have a positive effect on your energy bills. You can use these lamps at any height for maximum effect.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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