7 ways to keep your home fresh this summer

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Think of summer and you immediately get a feeling of stifling heat and cramped quarters while you are stuck indoors, where you can position yourself in front of the air conditioner and its blast of cool air. However, there are many ways in which you can keep your home fresh and cool despite the high temperatures. Here are the seven most effective ones!

1. Use ceiling fans.

Switch from air conditioning to ceiling fans for at least a few hours of the day. Throw your windows open and let the fresh air circulate freely and fill your space—something that is not really possible when you are using an air conditioner, which keeps the stale air trapped in your home. This beautiful living room is the creation of the designers at Monica Khanna Designs

2. Turn off the lights.

It is a good idea to turn off the lights that are not in use, as this can also greatly reduce the carbon footprint as well as the heat generated by each bulb. When you have shut the windows, you can actually enjoy the natural sunshine by keeping the lights off and the curtains open for a while.

3. Turn off the appliances.

Our homes are filled with appliances that we do not always use, throughout the day. So, it would be a good idea to keep those appliances off as they may generate needless heat and energy even as your electricity bill rises. This will also help in keeping things cool within your home.

4. Cook when it is cooler.

Choose the cooler hours of the day like early morning and then dusk to cook your meals. This will make you feel less warm. Also, it will be less overwhelming for everyone else in the home, as it will generate less collective heat in the kitchen.

5. Keep the windows shut during the hottest hours.

While it is recommended to keep your windows open for some fresh air, you should keep them shut during the hottest hours of the day. These hours can start after breakfast and go well into the post lunch period.

6. Ventilation in the damp areas.

Introduce exhaust fans and other means of taking care of ventilation, especially in damp areas. This will help in creating a fresh feel within spaces like the bathroom as well as the kitchen. With proper ventilation, you can keep the area dry and moisture free.

7. Protect yourself and your home with blinds.

It is a well-known fact that the harsh sunlight can lead to fading of colours on the upholstery as well as the furniture of the home. It would be a good idea to invest in blinds for your windows so that you are able to enjoy the sunlight in measured doses that will not hurt your belongings. Also, this keep the excess heat out. You can also shut the blinds during the particularly hot hours of the day so that there is less strain on the senses due to overwhelming heat.

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