Before and after: 5 bedrooms that underwent a legendary transformation

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Who doesn't like the makeover edition? We know we do. Today we have gathered 5 bedrooms which have seen a fantastic renovation. We aren't just looking for a modern facelift, we are looking for functionality and style, something that will surpass current themes and fashion, hence you find the word legendary in the title. 

With the help of talented professionals we will the see the before and after. We cant wait, shall we?  

1. Before: an unloved space

The darkness of this room can be explained by a sad ceiling light, and although it has a great window and daylight exposure, the room is still sad and lifeless. The slanted wood beams and high ceilings offers much potential. A double bed that takes up all the room space is also being misused. 

1. After: a little bit country

The interior designers have created a fantastic modern country style bedroom, utilizing neutral colors with pop of bold colors that wont detract from a restful nights sleep. The room just makes full use of the light colors, window daylight and those magnificent copper designer lamps to create a most relaxing bedroom. 

2. Before: back to the seventies

We have entered a time warp and are back in time in the early seventies. What is great about this space is its great window space and the potential that this bedroom offers. Old brown curtains, terrible lighting and a very sad bed, we have to move on and see what this place became. Back to the future please! 

2. After: a romantic sanctuary

Neutral colors always opens spaces up. One way not to make that neutral color boring, is to add pops of color, design items and art. Here we see what a fantastic romantic bedroom turned into. The positioning of the bed opens up the possibility to have a double bed and make the space more relaxing. 

3. Before: a studio

마이크로하우스 리모델링, OUA 오유에이 OUA 오유에이
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

With that sink and fridge we naturally assume that this is a kitchen, but in fact it is a studio bedroom/ kitchen room. Something that was envisioned for those who couldn't afford a home or apartment for themselves, these kind of rooms still exists out there, but they should be better equipped and divided. 

3. After: multi purpose room

마이크로하우스 리모델링, OUA 오유에이 OUA 오유에이 Modern Kitchen
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

As you can see, there is enough space and ideas to fix a place like the previous photo. There is always potential to a place if you can see beyond the damages. In this case, the architects have kept this room as a bedroom that has enough space for a study desk and a mini fridge. A real college goer dream room. 

4. Before: no storage solution

I think the word you are looking for is bland, there isn't much that this bedroom in its current state can offer. It looks like that first shared apartment you move into out of college. But as always, we here at homify see potential and solution in every room. Check out the amazing job the interior designers have done. 

4. Afterwards: design haven

Virginia Water Apartment - Surrey Bhavin Taylor Design Modern Bedroom Bedroom,bed,rococo style,bedside tables,wallapaper,feature wall,animals,blue,yellow,mustard,grey,bedding
Bhavin Taylor Design

Virginia Water Apartment—Surrey

Bhavin Taylor Design

When using color and patterns there is a risk of overdoing it and making it look like there was an explosion of colors without thought. But this bedroom shows us the opposite. With good taste and careful planning you can mix and match styles and periods, and colors. What a lovely example of that. 

5. Before: gloom doom

To be perfectly honest, we can't really see what is really bad about this bedroom. It looks like many out there. But this is the most perfect example that a room can always be improved. Check out what paint, modern furniture and, and a window extension can do to a space, It will be legend… . wait for it… .  

5. Afterwards: dary, legendary

Gloucester Road Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Modern Bedroom Bedroom,master bedroom,bed,cushions,bedding,bedside tables,bedside lamps,art,wallpaper,curtains,midcentury design,pattern
Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Dary, legendary.

Yes.. a enlarging a window makes all the difference. 

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We are curious, which bedroom you found to be legendary? Tell us in the comment section! 

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