10 spectacular kitchen-dining rooms

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The passage of time has brought some innovations and advantages in the field of architectural design of private homes. Gradually, integrated spaces are gaining ground, and what once seemed impossible and unnecessary, today is a reality that makes many happy.

Those with smaller spaces benefits from the merging of sections of the house to maximize space or at least have the appearance thereof. In addition, it is a fact that modern life is fast-paced, and we always ask that mobility within households is more practical and convenient, saving us from divisions and walls that no longer make sense. 

Here at homify, we want you to always be aware of all the trends of interior design, so we want to offer a glimpse of ten examples of integrated dining rooms and kitchens that you cannot miss. They are pure inspiration! 

1. Colors.

A color contrast is a very clever solution to make the difference clear. This is to mark different territories and generate dynamism in the composition. Black and white get along very well in this regard. The intervention of another color is also welcome to give a distinctive note, which is lovely.

2. Conductive element.

In design there are many ways to express integration. One is that a structure of the space is unified. 

In the case of the coupled kitchen and dining room, a kitchen island is the factor used to connect the two spaces, since both sides can take advantage of it and use it functionally.

3. Chromatic harmony.

The decision to integrate the kitchen into the dining room makes us think whether you want to keep a unique decorative style for both or rather play with the distinctiveness of each.

If we choose the first, the palette will be the same as not to create contrast, but rather balance. 

4. Practical solutions.

Not everything is a paradise when we are in favor of the integration of these two environments. One of the drawbacks that we will be presented with when not putting up walls to separate sectors, is the subject of odors. As we know, the kitchen is the kingdom of aromas, vapors and smoke. A solution that will solve future problems, is the use of a great extractor.

5. Continuous movements.

Facilitating the mobility of people inside the house is one of the points that makes integrated kitchens flourish and mature with such splendor.

6. Identities.

When it comes to the integration of these two areas of the house, there is also a need to differentiate between them even if they are united. This is possible to achieve in different ways. One such way is to make the floors look different. It need not be another base coat, but only with the addition of a rug for the dining room will mark its identity.

7. Light for everyone.

An important point to consider when integrating these two sectors of the house is the lighting. The needs in each area are different, even if they are unified. When sitting down to eat at the table, although we like to see clearly what's before us, we will feel better in a calm and welcoming light. The kitchen, however, have other rules because we are active, very alert and attentive to detail.

8. Open bar.

An element that has become popular in interior design for kitchens and installed with great comfort among consumers, are bars.

Sometimes they are extensions of an allowance or in other cases, out of a side wall. The good thing about this structure is that it is not completely solid, making it possible of a division, but space is combined and integrated so that the energy will flow freely.

9. Matter of logic.

Mieszkanie w kamienicy, SAS SAS Eclectic style dining room

When we do not have plenty of space in our house and we cannot unleash our decorative spirit because we are limited, it is good to appeal to tactics that help make more integrated environments. Round shapes and curves take less and give a feeling of closeness.

10. More and more.

When we choose an integrated kitchen, we open a door that previously seemed closed, and suddenly it seems that everything is bigger and roomier. We can hardly believe how we can breathe more air and the sense of sight expands.

These integrated kitchens and dining rooms are all winners. If you do feel like you need to divide an open-plan space like this, take a look at these 7 super creative ways to divide rooms without walls.

Which one of these kitchen-dining room combinations would you want for your home?

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