9 steps to a luxury bedroom (that you can actually afford!)

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Opera s.r.l. Country style bedroom
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So you'd like to come home to a bedroom that is the epitome of luxury, class, serenity and of course comfort. But you're not sure where and how to begin this DIY project. Well, the interior designers at homify have provided 9 steps to get your bedroom looking attractive, cosy and relaxing again, and the best part? These tips won't break the bank and are easy to introduce to your room without a complete construction team. We cannot wait to get you inspired!

1. Out with the old

If you feel that your bed and base are not working for your decor vision, then a completely new bed set will get your bedroom looking inviting and comfortable again. How about a cabin inspired design such as this? It will definitely create a warm, forest setting.

2. Layout

Planning the layout of your room is another important aspect of decor, especially before you add the bed and furniture. The simple box design featured here, for example, is a great option for a studio apartment.

3. Some colour

For an interesting and unique decor option, add some dramatic colour to the walls. The plus side is that painted walls can be implemented easily and efficiently.

4. Choose the style

Decide on a style for the bedroom decor, opt for a classic feature that speaks to you or even something textured and elegant such as a rustic design with comfortable rugs for a welcoming charm.

5. Lighting

Whether you're agonising about the sunshine or going for artificial lighting, illumination is an essential decor aspect for a comfortable bedroom. But if you're lucky enough to have a sensational view, then it's best to work with that.

6. Organised

A great way to ensure that your bedroom is always uncluttered, is to keep it organised and minimal. This can be done by separating the sleeping quarters from the dressing room, as seen behind the bed in this image.

7. Mirror

Hells Kitchen Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hells Kitchen Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

A mirror is an awesome tool to create the illusion of a spacious bedroom and when placed opposite some dramatic lighting, the whole concept is further accentuated. 

8. Storage

We already discussed maintaining an organised bedroom, and another way to do so is through storage. The pedestals on either side of the bed and the chest of drawers in the room add extra space and hide the unnecessary clutter.

9. The extras

Menora Residence Moda Interiors Modern Bedroom
Moda Interiors

Menora Residence

Moda Interiors

The extras are the final piece of the bedroom decor puzzle. The accessories include everything from artwork, scatter cushions, plants and even lamps and are usually placed into the room as a final touch to complement the decor. How about these: 10 brilliant bed ideas you'll secretly fall in love with?

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