36 ideas for a minimalist style that only people with taste can love

Camila Boschiero—homify Camila Boschiero—homify
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Minimalism is definitely a way of life and suitable to a few. We say this because we live in a very materialistic world where we naturally want to own things and collect things that we have become attached to. But the minimalist style is about functionality combined with aesthetic. It is a great way to get your home and life in order, it is definitely a philosophical way of living. But the real question is, how to achieve this style? How to adapt that to your home? We can follow some of its rules, such as the use of the color white and or a neutral color palette, another is access to natural light. 

Want to know more about what constitutes as a minimalist style? What we did for you in this ideabook was to take our professionals opinions and get you tips on how to achieve this decor in your home. Shall we? 

1. The kitchen that synthesizes all the elements

_c a s a |A S_, RO|a_ RO|a_ Kitchen

2. The perfect minimalist life

3. Impressive minimal stairs

4. The big kitchen that hides it all

5. The minimal solution for dividing the entrance area

6. Minimal kitchen with contrasting neutrals

7. The clever division between the bedroom and the living room

8. The timeless, minimalist bathroom

9. L-shaped minimal kitchen

10. White walls and cement pavement

11. Open and minimalist space

12. Living room with wood and some black color furniture

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13. A minimal bathroom with large mirror

14. The loft in minimalist style

15. The small kitchen with a bar

16. Lighting from the ceiling

17. The bathroom and its simple lines

18. An open space with a double bed

19. Tempered glass shower box

20. A solution for a studio

21. Minimal style kitchen for a large family

22. Living room all white: minimalist

23. Bathroom in white and beige

24. Minimal linear kitchen

25. The tub

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26. Low budget minimal solution

27. Two story flat

28. Bathroom with contrasting colors

29. The minimal solution to separate the kitchen

30. The room with a bathroom

31. The room with a bath

32. The minimalist kitchen with a long balcony

33. The space saving solution for the hallway

34. The storage saving solution for the bedroom

35. The terrace with modern furniture

36. The terrace with wooden flooring and minimalist furniture

What do you think of the minimalist lifestyle? Could you adapt to it? 

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