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On Kyūshū Island, sits Munakata City within the Fukuoka Prefecture. This south west district is the setting today for a truly unique and interesting project; OKK House, designed by ar-tect design, is a brilliantly innovative combination of astute construction methods, and aesthetic architectural nous. 

As a large freestanding dwelling, the home sits over two levels, and features a high quality construction of thermal bricks. Completed in October 2013, we are privileged to take a rare tour inside this striking and stunning abode. 

Check out the images below, and journey into a liveable, yet highly intriguing home, while getting some ideas and inspiration for your own domestic spaces…

A cubist façade

Almost as if it is a Picasso painting, this house features many cubist shapes. From the trapezoidal glazing at the rear, to the 3D charcoal forms of the driveway, this residence is a striking monument upon its landscape. With jutting angles, and bold hues, the home creates an impact within the street. 

From this vantage we see the entry in its entirety. The driveway is situated to allow cars to drive straight into the property, and they are protected from the elements by a carport. Behind the garage sits the actual house. This is a more neutral hue, with a roof that matches the front driveway. 

From another angle

Taking a look at the home from another angle we see the impressive frontage and sleek charcoal fascia that has been employed. The design is bold, daring, and yet calm and inviting. We love the pairing of dark rendered walls with timber clad ceilings underneath. This adds a certain character to the property, and helps it become an individual, and unique home.

The entrance is via double gates that lead to the front door. This prepares the guest and occupant for the main home, and creates suspense and intrigue. 

Plenty of natural light

As we move inside the home, we are greeted by an abundance of light and space. The sliding glass doors work wonderfully to open up the interior to the exterior courtyard, and function as huge openings for light as well.

Timber tones are employed extensively, and add to the warmth of the interior. Often in new abodes, it can be difficult to create a welcoming and warm ambience, but in this case, the correct use of materials has greatly improved the overall atmosphere. 

The room is high-tech. Featuring a mounted flatscreen television, and wall-mounted air conditioner, the home is well set up for hot and muggy summers spent inside. The entertainment unit works beautifully with the flooring, and coordinates effortlessly with the coffee table, and sumptuous seating. 

Sleek lines, and bold designs

Peering in from another angle, we are given a glimpse of the staircase. This utilises a chic form, which works brilliantly with the other parts of the home. The double-height space is positioned in such a way that the upstairs is more of a mezzanine than a second level. Here we are also able to see the exterior space with the entry gates. The whole home is designed with liveability in mind, and invites the occupant to take a seat and relax. 

Large windows and retractable walls

Turning around and facing the flatscreen television, we are provided another view of even more windows. To ensure this home stays bright, light and airy, the plentiful windows were a necessity. 

The doors offer a balcony space that can be opened up for maximum fresh air during the summer and the winter. The retractable walls are also an ingenious way to make the space larger or smaller depending on the current needs.

This open space is perfect for children to play (as we can see here) and is a fabulous space for their friends to gather, while the adults sit adjacent. To the right of the space we see storage areas that can be used to house all manner of domestic appurtenances. There is another wall-mounted air conditioner, just to ensure the huge space is fresh and liveable

Romantic evening glow

After nightfall, this residence takes on a very romantic and inviting glow. The huge windows allow the light to penetrate outwards, filling the outdoor entertaining space with a glorious warm illuminated feeling. The windows that are situated at the top of the room, add to the illumination of the space, but provide privacy, allowing the bottom curtains to be shut, while still allowing light into the space. 

The outdoor space is punctuated by timber-clad ceilings that work wonderfully in reflecting the original frontage and garage space. Additionally, there is a raised outdoor platform that can be used to entertain friends and family during the cooler months. 


For one final look at this stunning property, we are zooming in to see the entrance space. This image gives us a better understanding of the house as a whole, and we are able to see the different parts of the structure. 

The entrance itself is fenced off from the public, ensuring privacy and seclusion. There is a black iron fence that joins to the rendered arch entry, and offers an unimpeded view of the dwelling, while still keeping unwanted individuals out. Additionally, this fence is also placed to keep everyone in. As a family dwelling, it was important to have a play area for the little ones that was safe and secure. Here they are provided with a little front garden with large sliding glass doors, and complete security. 

The driveway is formed from a series of concrete slabs, with pebbled lines intersecting the different pieces. This is an interesting use of concrete, and adds interest, while being a low maintenance and long lasting choice. The dark charcoal of the structure works especially well with this light concrete, and adds a yin and yang effect to the whole Zen-like home. 

If you liked this property and would like to see another, check out The modern home of peaceful elegance. It's a real gem!

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