8 amazing ways to add a dining area to your kitchen

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Интерьер Loft Dunayskaya, Студия Семена Вишнякова "1618 ROOM" Студия Семена Вишнякова '1618 ROOM' Industrial style kitchen
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The kitchen is an area where we all spend a lot of time. This is the place where we bond with our family at the end of the day, as well. Many people prefer to dine in within this space so that cooking, homework and other tasks can also happen simultaneously even as conversation flows and things remain casual. There are many impediments to this plan however, the most common problem being space constraint. In today’s day and age of compact living, how easy or difficult do you think it would it be to include a dining area in the kitchen? With some creativity and foresight, we believe that combining a kitchen and dining can become a piece of cake. These 8 creative ways will give you just the inspiration you are looking for!

1. Sheer separators

We love this kitchen and its dining area because of the frosted glass detailing that has been used to create clear separators and the glass cabinets as well. The solid brown hues are well balanced even as privacy is duly retained. We have the architects at Amec Arquitectura to thank for this design.

2. Vibrant extension

If you are falling short of space for a full-fledged dining area, then you can take a cue from this kitchen. The vibrant teal island enjoys an in-built extension which gives it a chic look. The sleek yet charming feature has plenty of space for the cream colored chairs which add a lovely balance to the white and teal space, even as the long room is well-utilized. This pull out table can be stowed away when not in use!

3. Diner style

Bring in this diner style setting for all your meals. This long island houses the kitchen on one side and the rest of the living room on the other, thus making use of the sliver of space available for dining!

4. In the heart of the kitchen

This pretty dining spot is placed in the very heart of the kitchen, much like a countryside inn where you can roll out of bed and enjoy a hearty, home cooked meal—with a view! The wooden extension can double up as storage as well.

5. Loft style living

The farmhouse style wooden table is assembled on a heavy iron frame and it segregates the living room and its random brick walls from the sleek finishes of the kitchen cabinets on the other side!

6. Exposed concrete bar

This dining area and home is all about warehouse chic. The light-hued wooden environs house a concrete surprise in the form of the dining area that comes with the kitchen!

7. Folding table

With the bounty stored in a concealed pantry on one side and greenery all around, this folding table gives the right natural appeal with its wooden top and green chairs!

8. Wheel it in and out

This table conveniently goes where you want it to, thanks to the wheels attached to its aligned legs.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the lack of space depress you. Integrate your dining and kitchen in an ingenious manner with the help of these tips. Check out another interesting story here - 5 extraordinary kitchen tools you need!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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