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6 vibrant gardens for your driveway

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Dressing up the driveway is a sure shot way of making a style statement that impresses from the very beginning. Create an inviting vibe even before your visitors ring your bell, and watch the compliments flow. While we all know that we should keep the driveway neat and clean, what many of us do not know is that we can even imbibe a small piece of green heaven into this space so as to offer some vibrancy every time someone drives in and out. So take these next six tips very seriously if you want to create a tiny and delightful garden in your driveway!

1. A healthy mix of material and vegetation

There are a number of design materials that can be successfully used for your outdoors. Ask your designer or landscaping artist about all weatherproof materials like stone, pebbles and even certain kinds of wood. You can combine these for your entrance steps and nooks, and layer with colorful flowers and other succulents for a gorgeous look.

Green cover

You can provide a layered green cover much like this home, to create an appealing garden. The wall has a line-up of tall grass-like plantation while glass doors make the space appear much larger. Stone steps and planters on the sides create a rather lush look. Credit for all of this goes to the landscape designers at Amaria Goncalves.

3. Circular beds

Floral delights in a circular bed to hug a wall will also make a delightful statement. Take a cue from this picture and line a driveway’s path with tall plants bearing flowers. Use a tree at the end for some personality.

4. Playing with layers

Go in for a layered look by lining a bed with tall leaved shrubs and smaller shrubs along the periphery. Besides a play of color, this kind of an arrangement also creates a stylishly layered look where the eye comes to rest at various levels thanks to the varying height of the vegetation. Let mulch line the outer periphery even as you create a path of stones for a solid look.

5. Mix and match with the tiles

The tiles that line the ceramic floor and steps make quite a vibrant statement here. The decorators have picked up from the green touches on the colorful tiles to create green nooks here and there. A patch of green acts as a welcome mat at the base of the steps, and a creeper in a matching pot stands to a side. Meanwhile, a tree leans over the other side for a lush look.

6. Step up your style game

The steps on the side of the main entrance create quite a whimsical look, especially because of the surrounding greenery. Yellow planters match the brown-hued steps and the white railing even as rocks, pebbles, shrubs and palms come to greet the visitor. A planter mounted on the wall also takes the green theme forward. The overall effect is a charming one!

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