32 tips to improve your home with a little money

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The decoration and the preservation of a family environment at home is constant work, both because of the passage of time and because of the environment, from time to time, demands a change of image. But this isn't always the cheapest project to undertake, and those of us with families know just how difficult it can be to get the changes we desire on a budget. 

If you haven't guessed it already, that's exactly why we've written this article! This time we have a bunch of tips for you (32 to be exact) and they're all here to help you get the look you want for your home without breaking the bank. And we're not just talking about things you can buy to revamp your home, but what you can do to make it look like you just purchased these elements brand new from the store. From small to big changes, there's something for everyone in this list. 

Now come with us and be struck by inspiration!

1. Mixing chairs and benches

One way to eradicate any possibility that the change you make at home is not noticed is to vary the style of something that was already there, for example chairs or armchairs. Move them around for a fresh new look!

2. Tiles on the kitchen floor

Tile in the kitchen is cheap, practical, and stylish. If you already have a tiled floor, give them an extreme cleaning to make them look brand new. 

3. Writing on the walls

Among the avant-garde ones that have acquired more popularity, when you want to make a noticeably aesthetic change to your home, try using words! Typography lets you put your favourite quotes or expressions on the wall and showcase a bit of your personality.

4. Coloured walls

Vibrant colours are your ally, but you want to have them in small quantities due to their powerful impact. Filling the rest of the room with neutrals will balance the striking colour.

5. Different shelving

It is a known fact that even the smallest detail can create great transformations. Simply switching up the kinds of shelves you have can instantly make your room more interesting.

6. Christmas lights year round?

Hanging lights like this remind us of Christmas decorations, but they're usable all year round. Hanging lights like these creates a fun atmosphere and provides great mood lighting for any occasion.

7. Family memories

How about changing some decorations that are more family themed? Hang more pictures of your loved ones and create an even more family-friendly home.

8. Contrasting shelves in the bathroom

No contrast goes unnoticed, so it is a good way to generate changes. Inside the neat atmosphere of the bathroom, you can place something that is a bit more welcoming, such as something made from natural wood.

9. Different presentations

Here's another example of the homeyness that wood adds to a room, but this time in a different form. 

10. Varying chair styles

The easiest way to make a change in the home is to break the usual balance of things. Try mixing and matching different chair styles in the dining room for more contrast.

11. Stickers

For more creative wall art ideas, try stickers in different themes, colours, or shapes. Here, we have a few lovely white bird stickers flying above the bed that help these residents peacefully transition into dreamland.

12. Brick walls

Exposed brick walls are hot in interior design right now, so don't try to hide yours! Rearrange your furniture to work with your walls, not against them.

13. Balance

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Feeling comfortable at home is all about balance. If you feel unbalanced, try to follow the principles of Feng Shui. You might just find an entirely new space waiting for you when you're finished.

14. The beauty of languages

The languages you know tells more about your personality than you might realize. To showcase your uniqueness, add some wall decals in different languages that coordinate with the room. Here in the kitchen, we have cooking-themed decals.

15. Black walls?

The dark walls have become quite common recently, especially those that allow you to paint on them. With this option, you could have a different style every day of the week!

16. Paper ornaments

How about the idea of decorating with crafts? We love it, especially when it can be done with something as easy as paper.

17. Using pipes

Don't let unsightly pipes stop you from realizing your home makeover dreams. Use them as part of your decor to hang your silverware instead.

18. Decorate with plants

Plants add life to any room they're placed in. They also bring in fresh air and make you happier, so why not incorporate them somehow?

19. Worldly inspiration

Take inspiration from maps and hang your favourite regions in the bedroom, living room, or office. In addition to having more quirky elements, you'll also appear more worldly.

20. Wallpaper

Lily Pond homify Walls

Lily Pond


Wallpaper is one of the cheaper wall solutions we have to offer. They come in literally any style you can imagine, but are best placed in rooms that don't have a lot of moisture.

21. Recycled furniture

Instead of buying brand new furniture, take some of the old chairs you have lying in the basement and repaint and repurpose them!

22. Adhesives for wood

Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern Bathroom
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

If you have wooden walls in your home, wall decals are still an option for you!

23. Welcoming coat rack

Coat racks don't just switch up your image. They also make your home more welcoming by immediately offering you and your guests a place to take off your shoes and start to relax.

24. Decorative mirrors

Mirrors can be decorative elements just like anything else. Get one with an ornate border for extra style.

25. Utilize your forgotten balcony

Don't let that small yet gorgeous balcony space go unused. Even placing two small chairs out there is enough to welcome your guests to the great outdoors just outside the home.

26. Hanging chairs

Forget chairs with four legs–get a lovely hanging chair like this and feel like you're floating away on a cloud!

27. Murals

If you're an artist, here's your time to shine! Paint something original in your home that no one else has and you'll forever change the way your home feels.

28. Clocks can make all the difference

Centred with precision and fashioned with minimalist style, even something as simple as a wall clock can have a dramatic impact on a room when designed correctly.

29. Vertical gardens

Anyone can place a potted plant in the corner and call it designing with nature, but it takes a true green thumb and nature lover to be able to bring plants to life by arranging them vertically.

30. Your own details

There is no better way to re-decorate with personality than by placing things that are made using our own two hands.

31. Lamps

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get  different vibe for the kitchen. Just invest in different kinds of lighting. Spotlighting, mood lighting, you name it!

32. The return of carpets

A floor with carpet will never be the same as one without any soft cover, so if you want to see things in your home differently, you know where to turn.

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