7 modern kitchen sinks with a rustic touch

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For those who love to cook, a good sink, enough counter space, and a comfortable work area are all essential elements for the kitchen. This comes as no surprise, as the kitchen is the place where we select, wash and carefully prepare the food we are cooking, and naturally we always want to create meals that will make us and our family savor every bite. There are also those who only spends time in the kitchen when it is necessary, but who nevertheless seeks that this space is attractive and modern. 

Whichever one of these you are, we have no doubt that you would appreciate an attractive and modern kitchen. Kitchens are, however, also rooms which work very well with the rustic design style, and when you combine modern with a touch of rustic, you definitely have a space that is a culinary winner. If you don't believe us, just take a look at these 7 great examples of kitchen sinks that got it right…

1. Rural area

For rustic kitchen countertops, nothing is better than raw stone. The image shows stone countertops as well as a stone sink, which is large enough and has good depth, plus a matching faucet. 

2. Minimal elegance

Some people do not spend too much time in the kitchen, but want everything to look flawless. It is complemented by the use of noble materials such as marble walls and light wood countertops.

3. Geometric shapes

The kitchen planners bet on geometric shapes for this sink, and combined an extensive washing area with a smaller and deeper one for use as a colander. It is installed on a countertop made entirely of boards of light wood, which creates a nice contrast to the pure white porcelain pools.

4. All space

For those who enjoy cooking and seek practicality, this sink is ideal as it is wide and deep. It is made of a lightweight, synthetic material that offers a wide range of colors. In the image, a beige tone that blends perfectly with wooden countertops and general hardiness of the kitchen was chosen.

5. Rustic forms

For this original kitchen island, made from an old workbench of manifest hardiness, this rectangular sink is perfect. The wood supports the surface, and also provides some smoothness thanks to its clean lines and soft porcelain. 

6. Curious symmetry

This original curve reminiscent of Nordic style, is fully prepared with light wood of good quality. Both pools of the sink are identical, in perfect symmetry and conjunction with the whole. Metal is the perfect contrast to this space made entirely of wood, both the floor and the equipment.

7. Powerful and noble

This sink has the rustic and powerful imprint given by its raw material. It fits perfectly as a piece in this white stone countertops, and with its generous space and depth becomes the ideal kitchen sink. 

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for rustic and modern kitchen sinks, take a look at the sinks in the following 4 fantastic kitchen makeovers!

Which of these sinks did you like the most?

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