8 modern and elegant ideas for using stone in your house

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Within building works, the stone is its most important component. It is the foundation of a home and everything that it holds after it. We have varieties of materials, but the main reason we have sturdy homes and building are because of the technological invention of the concrete, a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water. Hence today we will look at a different form that stone might shape your home, utilizing it as an interior architecture component. This home shows us 8 ways that the stone is used. Shall we? 

1. The garage

From this angle we can see 4 types of stones being used. Number one: the wall, the slate walk to the door, the square stones that separates the street to the entrance, which we will highlight later, and finally: the smooth large stones that separates that gap between the wall and the car. Making parking an easier and safer option for its inhabitants.  

2. A stone wall

What a fantastic feature wall, made up of stones, this load-bearing wall is extremely stylish with both the use of lighting and the white smooth pebbles on the floor which surrounds it, adding a contrast to the wall color.

3. Slate floors

The addition of smooth slate floors is absolutely ingenious. What a way to give texture to a home. Not only it separates the  flooring to the wall, but it contrasts in color and it adds a coolness for those really hot days, slate floors are a wonderful natural air conditioner. And let's not forget easy to clean. 

4. Stone and wood

The entrance of the home is paved in square stones and a wood long planter is used to separate the entrance to the garage. The wood door which is sectioned with gaps acts multi-functionally as a security door and lets the daylight in.  

5. Smooth and rough

The room that is designated as the office space, is where the white slate floor meets the grayish stone wall. 

6. Lights and textures

We are back at the front entrance, with this different angle we can see how the architects planned a beautiful functional entrance. using 4 types of stones in different ways, and highlighting them with textures, colors and floor lights.  

7. Classic marble

Marble is king. Although it is a long lasting material used in the home, there is a lot of care and maintenance to it. But you can never really go wrong with the classic styles. What do you think? 

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8. Sand color granite

Another room in the house that loves textures, colors and different materials is the kitchen. Here we find a stone granite in sand color closing in the U shaped kitchen. The bar can be used as a sitting area for meals or as more counter space for cooking. 

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