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7 ways of saving money when building a new home

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Starting a new build project can be a daunting time, especially in terms of budget, but don't let fear stop you from designing and erecting your dream home! We know that costs can run away with you, but we think we've put together a fantastic list of tips that will not only see your budget staying tightly reigned in, but will also minimize the stress of the whole project as well. If you are seriously thinking about building a new home, don't do anything until you've cast these suggestions to memory!

1. Choose local materials.

When thinking about your new build project, one of the key ways that you can keep costs from spiraling out of control is to use as many locally sourced materials as possible. The less they have to travel to site, the cheaper they are and not only that; local materials will ensure your project fits in with the surroundings, naturally! This is a way for you to have more control over what is being delivered and not, most constructions are delayed because wrong pieces and materials are not sent, meaning that it will take longer for construction companies to send you the right stuff. After all, time is money. 

2. Pick the plot carefully.

You might see a wonderful patch of available land that looks to be everything you want and more, but make sure you have the ground tested and really research the area. The last thing you want to do is commit to months of expensive groundworks, just to get to a solid patch that can take your foundations! 

3. Have fixed-price contracts.

This one might be a battle, but any respected architect or building team will know that a fixed-rate contract is in everyone's best interests. Have a set price for the design and build portions. Unforeseen circumstances are to be expected, but that is why you can always add a percentage for that circumstances, be it 5% or 10%, be prepared ahead of time and you can keep your budget absolutely spot on, to the dollar!

4. Consider a prefabricated home.

Get the images of old fashioned 1970's bungalows out of your head, as prefabricated homes are something really special now. They are made off site, then transported in and simply erected onto your foundation pad. Easy as that! What could take months upon months to build can be put up in a matter of weeks and in some cases, days. Amazing! The modern styles are beautiful too!

5. Don't try to save money on the foundations.

Speaking of foundations, don't try to save money on that part of the build. They are vital and need to withstand a lifetime, so we don't think that haggling about materials being used is a good way to go. Simply pay for the best foundations you can and look to economize elsewhere. 

6. Consider cheaper finishes.

It's amazing how much money you can save, just by opting for cheaper finishes! A popular choice right now is micro-cement, which offers a smooth, beautiful wall finish, both inside and out, but costs less than standard render and plaster! You can paint it too and it makes a wonderful floor, if you polish it!

7. Don't waste cash on a designer bathroom suite.

So many people blow their budget by not keeping their heads when it comes to interior items and chief among them are bathroom suites! You DON'T need a designer suite, and let's be honest, they all look the same, really! Get online and find a cheap version of something you like and go from there. Your budget will thank you! 

homify tip: another great to get a designer bathroom without spending all your budget on it, is to offer to buy the display model, prices can be cut up to half! 

For more budget advice, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 Ideas to expand your house with a small budget.

Can you see these tips helping to save you money? Tell us about it! 
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