12 ideas to make your bedroom your own

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Your bedroom is a place to call your own and come home after a long day to relax. It is your own personal space that reflects your style and comforts, since you will most likely be the only one to see it. So why not make this space all your own and create your own sanctuary with your sense of style?

Below are twelve beautiful rooms that will inspire you to take your boring room and transform it into one that you are proud to come home to. From a simple change like your bed sheets to creating an entirely custom room made from scratch, there's something here for every person.

1. Create a space as unique as you

Whether you are artsy and quirky or more conservative and minimal, you need to create a space that describes you! Any piece of furniture or accessory that appeals to you can be placed in your room! This bedroom is a perfect example of someone showing off their eclectic style in their bedroom. The very unique bed on wheels is definitely a statement piece of this room, we can also see an old painting and a few modern elements. Though everything in the room is quite different, it all meshes well together to create a truly unique space that reflects the style and ideas of the homeowner. Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

2. Create a cozy space

When all is said and done, a good night's sleep can recharge anyone. In order to get the best sleep possible, it is important to surround yourself with things that comfort you and make you feel cozy. Of course having a great bed is the first thing that should come to mind for any bedroom, but that's not the only thing you can do to make your room super cozy! Adding lots of plush pillows and fuzzy carpeting or rugs will get that space the warm feeling you are looking for. If you want to take it one step further, take a look at this room that incorporates a fireplace in the room, there's nothing cozier than that!

3. Minimal trends

If you are not one for a lot of stuff lying around your room, why not take the minimalist approach? You can still have a lot of style in a room with minimal decoration. Use the walls to say something, either with paint, wallpaper, or a textured effect as we see in this bedroom. Invest good money in a great bed and that will be the highlight of the room, after all the bedroom is meant to be about sleeping and relaxing. A couple of side tables with the necessities and your room is ready to go to become the ultimate relaxation station for someone who likes to live clutter-free.

4. Mixing styles to create your sanctuary

If you can't seem to pick one style that suits you, try combining two to get the best of both worlds. This bedroom is a modern country chic which incorporates the bright whites of country design with a few modern edges. The windows and exposed brick are designed in a very trendy and modern way but the use of the old fashioned dressers and accessories bring in that country chic vibe. Keeping everything white is what allows both styles to blend well together while still maintaining the two distinct styles. You can easily accomplish this in any room of your home with the right tools and accessories!

5. Decorate with all the pretty things

No matter the age, especially for girls, people love pretty things. This can be in the form of a nice designer hand back or a fancy car. The excitement you get when you see something pretty should be put into your bedroom so that you are always happy to go there! Adding flowing curtains or a four poster bed or even a really nice entertainment system will create a space that you will never want to leave! Allow your bed to take you away to your happy place and fill it with everything that you love.

6. Bold and beautiful

No matter what anyone says about bedrooms, it is your place to call your own and you can design it how you please! If that means decorating with the color black then use it to make a powerful statement that is just as bold as you are! Black can be a very dark color but can also be very sexy and great for a bedroom. Black velvet lampshades and a luxe black blanket accent the beige walls and white bed. This room uses black as a strong accent color that is seen throughout the space but mixes in lighter colors so that the black really makes a bold statement. This can be done with any color that stands out against a white or neutral colored background.

7. Keep it open

Making your bedroom feel open and airy is a key factor in creating a space to relax. Closing off areas in your room will make the space feel cramped and that is not conducive for a relaxing environment. This bedroom takes this concept one step further and replaces a solid wall with a glass wall to divide the bedroom and bathroom. You can see straight through and see the gorgeous stand alone tub. This layout creates a very open feeling and quickly puts people at ease.

8. Think outside the box

Rather than opting for a traditional bed, why not add some flare and think outside of the box spring? This seashell shaped bed is a great example of adding a hugely piece to a rather average room. The bed is definitely the statement piece of this room and is quite different from anything else we've seen. The actual bed is nestled in the bottom of the large C curve and even features a small shelf at the end of the curve. The rest of the C gently curves upwards and integrates into the ceiling and also incorporates the ceiling fan, spotlights, and even the bedside shelves next to the bed.

9. A subtle separation isn't a bad thing

While we advocated for more openness in the bedroom to create a more peaceful and relaxing environment, there is a way to subtly create zones in a room without making it feel too cramped. Simply adding a curtain or small, movable room divider will instantly block off space but can be moved out of the way when needed. This allows you to change the room based on the mood of the day. This bedroom is a perfect example of dividing a room in a beautiful and subtle way without making the space feel too cluttered.

10. Wood makes the room feel warmer

We've talked about making a room feel cozy and one important element that can achieve that is by adding wood to the space. Modern design is very beautiful but can also be very difficult to add coziness and warmth, but wood is a great way to achieve this look without detracting too much from the desired look. This room uses wooden beams on the ceilings and sleek wooden furniture to add warmth to the space while still maintaining the desired look of modernity. The rest of the room is quite minimal but still feels cozy and inviting.

11. Choose the best bed sheets

The absolute simplest way to make your bedroom your sanctuary is by changing the sheets. If you can do nothing else in your room, choosing luxurious bed sheets will instantly make your bed feel brand new. Choosing sheets with higher thread counts ensures the best sleep of your life and you can choose any style that fits your current bedroom design. Opting for silk or satin sheets will take this idea to the next level and make you feel like royalty! This simple idea will instantly transform your bedroom and give you that calm and relaxing feeling you need in the bedroom.

12. Create your own little nook

If you're tight on space, you can still create the cozy and inviting space that we have been talking about. Creating a space that is all your own and filled with comforts is the most important part of feeling relaxed in your bedroom. You can achieve this in many ways but let's take a look at this bedroom. The bed is elevated in order to fit into a cozy little nook and leaves a lot of storage space underneath, making use of underutilized negative space. This place is also filled with books, a small reading light, and comfy sheets, everything you need to relax in a cozy corner!

Do you love relaxing? Then check out these tips to create the perfect bedroom!

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