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5 simple ways to add style to your home

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Decorating your home doesn't have to be as stressful as some people make it out to be, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Redecorating also doesn't have to mean starting from scratch, it can be as simple as changing a few things in the space to give it a fresh new look. Design doesn't have to be complicated and confusing in order to get your house looking exactly how you want it!

Below we have five examples of easy ways to change the decor in your home and completely transform your space. This can come in the form of adding a statement piece or switching up the current design style you have. 

1. Change a piece of furniture

Everyone can agree that choosing the right furniture for your space is a very important aspect of decorating. It is one of the biggest costs in the decorating process and should be chosen with careful consideration. However, if you want to redecorate and add a big change, simply changing one piece can make a huge difference. This room, for example, features the wicker sofas and matching coffee table, and they look great! But rather than having an armchair in the same style, they have chosen a striking red egg-shaped armchair with a funky Pollock-style design. This chair was not a necessarily expensive acquisition but has made all the difference in this space.

2. Choose a statement piece, or two!

Another simple way to add style to your space is by including a statement piece in the room. This can be in the form of a piece of art, a piece of furniture, or anything that would stand out proudly against everything in the room. The room we see here actually features two statement pieces! The blue sofas in this living room are both comfortable and striking against the mostly neutral color palette in the room. They look beautiful and make a bold statement in this space. Another piece that we can see is the orb on the table with a face in it. This piece of art is a great way to add a quirky element to this room, or any other room since it can be easily moved!

3. Lighting makes a difference

We've said this many times before but lighting is a very important element when designing a home or decorating a room. It can instantly change the mood of the space or highlight certain areas. Some people think that adding lighting can be an expensive and invasive move, but it doesn't have to be that way! If you have the money then go ahead and add the built-in spotlights or pendants, like we see here in this room. But for an even simpler way of creating a beautiful atmosphere for your room, add small table lamps or large floor lamps to give the room that cozy vibe you are looking for. Both options will add a lot of style to your space!

4. Add a splash of color

One of the simplest moves you can make in your space without too much effort is adding some color to a neutral room. While some people may really like the minimalist design that usually follows black, white, or beige colors, it's not everyone's cup of tea. So while still keeping within the design style, think outside the box a bit and add that splash of color! This can be in the form of a rug, some paintings or artwork or even some pillows on the furniture. This room, for example, uses a purple shag rug and some turquoise vases add color to this super modern room without detracting too much from the original design.

5. Add some greenery to your space

Whether you are trying to decorate the interior or exterior of your home, plants and flowers are always a good idea! Plants are great to create better air quality in a room and also look so beautiful. For those who need more low maintenance plants in their spaces for fear of forgetting to water them, cacti and succulents are both beautiful and easy to take care of. These trendy plants can be found in all shapes and sizes and add a beautiful touch to any space. For people who have more discipline, you can opt for orchids, ferns, or any plants that will add that touch of greenery to your living space. 

Does your home need a quick revamp? These 5 ideas will get you started!
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