10 homes outside the USA for you to move to

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Ristrutturazione ed ampliamento di un fabbricato rurale a Suvereto (LI), mc2 architettura mc2 architettura Mediterranean style house
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Today, we have created a collage of homes around the world in case you are looking for a new start or just want to travel the world and learn new cultures, new languages, pretty much broaden your horizon. 

Here we give you 10 options of homes that not only are magnificent to look at, they also offer an entirely different culture experience. Shall we? 

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What a majestic city, it has such a great diversity in fauna and flora, and the average year round temperature 70°F. This cabin and the Rio lifestyle can be yours. A great combination of modern brickwork, timeless stone and ultra modern sliding windows, this is a fresh take on 'getting away from it all'.

2. Florence, Italy

We give you another amazing city and another amazing home. Can you imagine heading home with a bottle of wine and fresh bread in your hands after a long day at work. We can! This two story cottage is modern and uses the classic combination of white render with a traditional window shutter, giving it a great homely contrast. 

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Another house build in the woods, this boxy beauty was constructed in the beautiful Turkish city of Istanbul, average temperature of 74°F year around. Wood panels surrounds the first floor, whilst the ground floor is guarded with stone work. We would love to move into this city and this home! 

4. Turin, Italy

We can tell that this is a Mediterranean home. The facade, the color and those cobble stones road. Ironwork on the balcony, windows and door and a simple boyx 2 story structure complete the look of this lovely home. The warm color of that yellow in the green back drop of luxurious green, and the warmth of the wood-window shutters. An amazing house in an amazing city. 

5. Merida, Spain

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We move to Spain, at the city of Merida we have this lovely one story modern building. The house mixes and matches materials, wood panels with concrete walls, a small tidy garden in the entrance way and concrete slabs for the walkway. 

6. Mar del Plata, Argentina

What a fantastic structure by architects from Estudio Moire arqs. This single story home uses all that is possible to maximize daylight by using windows as the main wall structure. It is a modern industrial and minimalist building all in one. What is pretty incredible is the simplicity of the design and it's functionality. 

7. Lisbon, Portugal

This bungalow type structure was build by Lisbon based architects at goodmood. A one story home build mainly by wood and black painted stainless steel, this home which is box shaped, is simple, gorgeous and has a functional design. 

8. Rosario, Argentina

This home build in Rosario has the stamp of architects at Metodo 33. Another one story home that uses the box shaped structure and facade, making maximum use of daylight and minimalism, this home also utilizes open plan living. Based in a trendy part of the city, the home is still secluded by the large greenery surrounding it, which gives privacy to its inhabitants. 

9. Novosibirsk, Russia

What a beautiful cottage style home. Did you guess this was based in Russia? Another one story structure that offers more than its looks. Brick structure, clay tile roof and white adornments to give that facade an extra pop. This is classic old school living. 

10. Okinawa, Japan

Probably the unique of the bunch, this home, designed by Okinawa based architects Atelier Nero, shows how much you can actually do with a building structure depending on construction plannings and permits. This cave like home is definitely not suited for a superhero, but indeed a family. For more home ideas click here

Which country would you want to live in? Tell us about it! 

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