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As much as we may want to live in a perfectly designed and perfectly maintained house, there are some common errors that pop up in everyone’s home, whether they are errors regarding decor, color or maintenance. However, with a little guidance these things can easily be put right! We bring you today a list of 7 common mistakes made by homeowners—now you can easily rectify yours and enjoy living in a fabulous home! Let’s begin!

1. A chaotic kitchen

The most common victim of mess and disorder is the kitchen! Cleaning up after cooking ranks low on the list for many when it comes to household priorities. A simple way to prevent a mess on the countertop is by having sufficient cabinets and shelves. Items of daily use should be easily accessible so that it takes only a second to put the item back on its shelf, thus avoiding clutter on the countertop. Once the kitchen surfaces are bare, you’ll be much more inclined to wipe up the grease and spillage, resulting in a fragrant and sparkling kitchen!

2. Growing wild

A carefully planned wilderness looks lovely but letting your garden just grow wild haphazardly is a big no no! Gardening is an excellent stress-buster and a great form of exercise—and a well-maintained garden is sure to impress visitors!

3. Stifling interiors

Lack of fresh air and sunlight makes for a gloomy, stale atmosphere – not nice! Open the windows and let in the fresh air at least once a day to ventilate and refresh the rooms.

4. Messy living

The requirements of a fast-paced life can lead to clothes and magazines being strewn all over the living room or bedroom. Invest in cupboards, coat racks, bookshelves and magazine stands to make your home an immaculate beauty!

5. Incompatible colours

A discordant color scheme is one of the worst things to happen to a house! If you’re not sure about your color palette, it’s safe to run with a single neutral theme as shown in this picture. How elegant the natural wood looks, complemented by matching furniture and accessories!

6. Overpowering furniture

We love to buy beautiful furniture for our house but we need to realize when we have enough! A room that is crowded with furniture and accessories isn’t comfortable and looks suffocating. Take a cue from this smart living room rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Design Spirits.

7. Grime in the bathroom

Yes, we know scrubbing the bathroom is a boring chore—but an essential one! The appearance of the bathroom is the deciding factor for a visitor! Give it a good clean once a week and avoid the build-up of muck and grime.

Get these 7 points done and dusted, and enjoy the thrill of a perfectly-maintained, gorgeous house that will have your visitors drooling with envy! Here’s another interesting story - Using plants in your home.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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