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Is your house full of chaos? Does it take you hours just to find one specific item you are looking for? There is no doubt that the arrangement and interior design of your house either contributes to or destroys your level of comfort and the ease with which you are able to go about your daily tasks. A good arrangement will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, whilst a bad one could only lead to frustration and discomfort. 

When we speak of home arrangement, however, we are not simple referring to the layout of your rooms and the positions of your furniture. Sometimes it is the smallest details which can make the biggest difference, and it often pays off to focus on these.  Always make sure that you buy only what you need to avoid a mess or congestion occurring throughout your home. There are, however, some things that we cannot do without, and consequently some common design problems we all sit with. Today we will look at 9 useful solutions to arrange your home for optimal use and comfort, and to avoid that dreaded and discouraging clutter. Let's begin! 

1. Living room

In your quest to get rid of unwanted stuff or reign in the chaos, the first step is decluttering the living room. Empty spaces will greatly help to arrange the house and clean it easily.

2. Essential shelves

Select a custom place for everything, this is the secret to arrange a home. Shelves are the perfect way to display your artifacts. 

3. Re-use old items

If you have an ancient ladder or household items which are no longer important, it is possible to re-use it as decorative pieces which can also be functional. 

4. Elegant cabients

Storage boxes in all shapes and sizes are a great solution, and is ideal for the organization of the living room. Just pick the right design which is practical as well as aesthetic.

5. Kitchen pantry

The kitchen is the room that causes the most distress during decoration, due to the large number of tools and devices that are used in the space. A pantry is an elegant and practical solution. 

6. Innovative storage

With the development of the world of decor, we have been treated to several innovative ways to store. Here's a model that dazzles with the multiplicity of functions and the role it will play in your home when owning it.

7. Baskets

The use of baskets in an open storage closet is a wonderful idea for organizing and storing all the small stuff. Plus it gives it a tidy look. 

8. Bedroom

The bedroom is especially prone to mess and clutter, so make sure you have a side table or plenty of shelves to store your personal items. 

9. Wardrobe organization

The wardrobe is an important place worthy of order, so it is time to get rid of all the unused items and clothes that no longer suit you. There's no point in keeping things that you will not use or ever use. 

Now, we hope that these nine tips were useful, but continue your reading and make sure you avoid the following 13 design mistakes. 

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