10 irresistible kitchen counters

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While planning a kitchen, it is essential to ensure that the kitchen counter is practical alongside being visually appealing such that it fits the needs of the household perfectly. Various counter styles, materials & colors are employed by the kitchen planners to fulfill the practical utility of the kitchen design.  

Today homify  brings to you a list of 10 great kitchen counter designs that, though entirely different from one another, share one aspect—all of them are loaded with functional elegance and provide that perfect space to prepare your food, grab a quick bite or simply sit & enjoy a warm cuppa with your loved one.

Have a look at these inspiring ideas that will surely make you say I WANT THIS!

1. Leveled with panache

Installing a double level kitchen counter is a smart way to neatly demarcate functional spaces. As depicted here, this double level counter has the dark granite surface on the top to serve as work space for preparing food, etc. and the lower wooden top level to serve as a convenient breakfast table. This allows for seamless functioning in the kitchen space.

2. Homespun grace

Who said modern is only about shine & glitter? Kitchen counters are extremely flexible spaces that can be unique & dazzle in uncomplicated charm as well, as long as it brings an aesthetic air into the kitchen.

This beautiful rustic style kitchen is replete with modern essence in its homely feel. The brick & wood detailing of the counter is refreshing with its close to nature vibes and complements the contemporary accents brilliantly.

3. Sassy for small

When in a house with small spaces, it is up to the smart design to make the most of it while defining functional spaces. As in the image, two entirely independent spaces can coexist in absolute harmony without mixing. The elegant kitchen counter packs a stylish punch, doubling up as the kitchen table as well. The adjacent jazzy dining space can be very conveniently incorporated within the kitchen to make it a big space for social dining when you have family gatherings.

4. Compact charm

In this narrow kitchen low on dimensions, style and utility exist in copious amounts. Apart from the glossy granite top below the white kitchen cabinets, there is a pop up wooden kitchen table with round stools and high wooden counter/ table with squarish high stools lit up with industrial lights. These wooden features provide additional space for placing items & decor, and also for a cozy meal or beverage. Compact yet visually sound, these elements make the kitchen look far from cluttered.

5. Singularity of basic allure

The graceful kitchen island boasts of a unique personality in this eclectic style kitchen. The raw appeal of the chic wooden counter works well with the black floor planks and adds a striking contrast to the modular flavors of the white kitchen elements. The bouquet lighting shines brightly on the wooden accents to make its versatility dazzle—counter, kitchen table and storage solution, all rolled into one. Impressive indeed!

6. How about a 2-in-1?

This vibrant & radiant modern kitchen defies its size in functional exquisiteness. A true example of a clever idea to overcome space crunch, this wide wooden board attached to the body of the burner counter doubles up as the kitchen table & the dining table for the integrated dining area. Based on convenience it could be used either way, or simply as an extension of the kitchen counter itself when required.

7. Opulent pizzazz

Black is beautiful, and this mosaic tiled counter proves it magnificently. Complementing the luxurious accents of the house, the kitchen boasts of dazzling lavishness with the wonder of white, metallic luster, subtle woody warmth and clear radiance adding to the sinful black details.

8. Magic of mellow

Employing wood for kitchen elements is a smart way of adding heartiness to the space alongside being a really creative way to add softness & textures. This is because wood is quite flexible and can be worked easily to have a delicate natural finish. A wooden kitchen counter lit by the golden glow of pleasant lighting is a true visual treat with its beautiful features highlighted in all their glory, just like the counter-kitchen table shown here.

9. Let those creative juices flow!

Imagination is key to novelty and this industrial kitchen is a lively endorsement for that. Creative designs are a reflection of the designer’s thought & character that he/she puts on paper and executes. This adjustable convivial kitchen counter imparts a cheery air of playfulness to the kitchen, oozing with practicality as a counter as well as a kitchen table. Fantastic space optimization bathed in creativity, isn’t it?

10. Simplistic clarity

The uncomplicated charm of this minimalist kitchen wins your heart with its functionality. The simple sober wooden counter top in this white kitchen bears a tranquil essence of subtle style. The counter functions as a narrow table as well, where you can relish a hot cup of tea and cupcakes while enjoying a chit chat.

Which one of these is going to sit pretty in your kitchen?

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